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  1. Season 8 by a hair (Sawyer, Koryn, and Kimberly all in the same season??? yes please, even if Korin, Amy, and Jordan put a good argument together for S9) Sawyer wins this based on tone, even if Jordan was a better live vocalist. I like both Meghan and Emily, but I gave the edge to Emily by a teensy bit since I liked her blind, KO, and finale not-Christmas-themed cover.
  2. Hallelujah, and hopefully that comes relatively soon - I don’t think my YouTube recommendations can take me looping his KO match for much longer without permanently breaking the algorithm (not that I have a problem with waiting of course, I want Paris to be 100% happy with the end product more than anything)
  3. The only cool people that came to my university while I was a student were Dwight from The Office, Bill Nye the Science Guy, and John Mulaney, but I didn’t get to see any of them because I wasn’t bananas enough to camp out in front of the school box office the night before sales opened up to get tickets. At least GNT’s not too far of a drive from me so I could try to see them in person if my schedule makes it possible.
  4. Landslide is the single best Fleetwood Mac cover from this show. #isaidwhatisaid
  5. The fact they got rid of pre-lives studios when we had Travelin’ Soldier is a crime, tbh.
  6. I Can’t Make You Love Me deserves more credit than it gets (same with Love Runs Out) and that is a hill I’m willing to die on.
  7. And that’s how you do a belated Christmas gift, folks
  8. It has to be a Kelly season (17 or 21) and she didn’t have any purely country artists in the lives for S21, so…
  9. The only surprise here is Xavier outranking both ladies, but otherwise, none of this set is all that shocking.
  10. Of the remaining seasons (8, 9, 13, 17, and 21) it’s one of two that would work for this clue, and of those seasons’ winners Jordan was pimped more aggressively than Sawyer.
  11. It’s going to depend both on who makes the industry connections and who’s willing to put in the work. Here’s a few guesses because why not: Cam Anthony Libianca Mikaela Astel One of the country guys who was on S20/21
  12. Kenzie, Chris, and Josh all seem likely (not 100% sure on clue 1 but Vicci or Britton would both work). As for set one, the country guys all had at least one performance I didn’t mind (Red’s audition, Jake’s battle with Tess, and Andrew’s Instant Save performance). Jermaine wasn’t terrible vocally, I just preferred others in the finale.
  13. While the KOs narrowed it down to them vs. Wendy, the top 13 is the one where I realized with more certainty it was their season to lose.
  14. 1. Jim & Sasha Allen (creative arrangement, feel-good vibes, and solid harmonies) 2. David Vogel (sometimes, simple and stripped-down is all a song needs to work) 3. Ryleigh Plank (those high notes - ma’am??? Hello???) 4. Katie Rae (worked really well, and a fresher song choice than “You Say”) 5. Raquel Trinidad (killer stage presence and a fun, upbeat choice) 6. Bella DeNapoli (creative arrangement, but some of the high notes were off) 7. Manny Keith (when someone remembers the dance break more than the actual vocal, that’s not a good sign) 8. Katherine Ann Mohler (the bus that got delivered after a battle song choice that catered more to her than her opponent…yikes)
  15. #3 is Carolina Alonso, but that’s the only one I have any degree of confidence in. Trying to remember anything that might work for the other clues - I vaguely remember KJ’s mom being a focal point of her audition package, so she might be #4, but I’m not sure Miss Misty would be this low (even with only two on-show performances).
  16. So far, every ranking makes sense - Aaron is the closest to a shocker here, but when considering the season as a whole, I can see how he landed here.
  17. 1. Girl Named Tom (killer harmonies and strong arrangement) 2. Gymani (creative flip of a song that shouldn’t have worked on paper, but it did) 3. Holly (tone for days) 4. Hailey (that one scoop note was pretty damn impressive) 5. Jeremy (props for tackling Whitney, but “eh” is the best word to describe my feelings on this) 6. Xavier (great song, pretty tone, but there were pitch issues) 7. The Cunningham Sisters (their harmonies were off but the solo bits were good) 8. Kinsey Rose (as a Kinsey fan, I don’t wanna talk about it)
  18. So far, no real shockers for these last two rankings, but I suspect we’ll have a couple in the next set or two.
  19. If you hadn’t posted the video, it’s likely it would’ve ended up being discussed here eventually, tbh. Might as well do it now while IDF still remembers who most of these people are.
  20. Wendy posting after surgery (even without technically saying how she’s doing) is a good sign, imo - if she really wasn’t feeling up to it, I think we’d be in “radio silence” territory right now. In any case, I’m glad she’s back home surrounded by the people she loves and that she has support after everything.
  21. Samuel…sir…I really can’t take complete emotional destruction this early in the morning. But damn, this is *chef’s kiss* quality yet again. Is there anything he can’t sing?
  22. Indie/alt guys and female powerhouses tend to be my go-to favorites, but as long as the artist can sing live I’ll probably back them to some extent.
  23. As much as I enjoy Gwen on the show (at least for the variety she tends to bring within the cast), I’m good with her staying off the show since it means she ends her run with a win in addition the previous reasons y’all have mentioned.
  24. 1. Paris (the show’s over and this STILL lives rent free in my head…not complaining though) 2. Jershika (did you hear those runs??? HELLO???) 3. Shadale (vocally and emotionally on point) 4. Samuel (his since-recorded full-length version is *chef’s kiss* and I’m gonna need y’all to stream it please and thank you) 5. Joshua (a surprise in the best way possible) 6. BrittanyBree (interesting to hear the song on a more textured voice, but not a good fit for her voice) 7. Sabrina (really cool from an artistry perspective) 8. Samara (not bad, but Tina is a big ask for just about anyone) Not a single bad KO among this group, even if there’s a pretty clear ranking of the top 5 IMO.
  25. 1. Wendy (vocal masterpiece) 2. Libianca (the replay value is off the charts) 3. Lana (if Taylor had put the song on Speak Now/Red instead of 1989, I imagine it’d sound like this) 4. Hailey (deserved a steal, but none were left) 5. Jonathan (pretty opening, just didn’t stick the landing) 6. Peedy (entertaining, and he actually won his KO, so) 7. Carson (if you make me go “oh honey” while you’re performing, it’s not a good thing) 8. Berritt (congrats on making the knockouts, at least)
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