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  1. Injoy Fountain, Anatalia Villaranda, OneUp
  2. I- LMAO idk what I was trying to say but it sure as hell wasn’t lemonade
  3. Dana was a lemonade tonight, but I can’t stop listening to Corey
  4. Oh lord imagine what it’ll be like when Avery is eliminated
  5. why they gotta make Keegan perform after that, that just isn’t right
  6. Where do y’all find gifs for every occasion lmao
  7. That’s why I love it. Everyone is so hilarious and dysfunctional
  8. I just rewatched Tracey Preston’s (Season 18 no chair turn) audition, and wow, I really hope she auditions again because she’s probably the best no chair turn I’ve ever heard
  9. Jon vs Todd Allegra vs Michael Anna vs Ainae Delaney vs Abby
  10. I really can’t stop listening to Anna and Ainae, they really exceeded my expectations
  11. I don’t know if anyone remembers Loren Allred’s knockout but Anna and Ainae’s battle reminded me of that
  12. Unpopular opinion: Anna and Ainae were amazing and one of the best battles of the season
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