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  1. Cam is the only person with a chance to pop the wheels
  2. Based on the producers’ logic Victor Kenzie Dana Because they like putting powerhouses and country together for some reason Cam Rachel Gihanna Because they’re the youngest Pia Corey Jordan The “leftovers”
  3. I LOVE this song choice but I could see Corey slaying the chorus
  4. Nick’s just went from my least favorite to my favorite Kelly is still the strongest though
  5. 1/2. Kenzie/Cam 3/4. Corey/Victor 6/5. Rachel/Jordan 7. Dana 8. Gihanna 9. Pia
  6. Have we ever had this much AA representation in the semifinals?
  7. Excuse my language but I’m about to freaking explode - lmao it changes it ok nvm
  8. Kinda hoping Ryliegh pulls a Maelyn and defeats the power of the penises
  9. Snowflakes will fall tonight. Tonight is gonna be a snowstorm
  10. I think we might be overestimating Dana’s support For now I see Rachel in the finale
  11. All were great, but Rachel blew my expectations
  12. That key change on Zae’s performance will forever haunt me
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