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  1. - Should take about 5 minutes - Choose as many as you want - I will post the results in ~30 days - Let me know if I forgot to add someone - If you're viewing on computer, try using 'ctrl+f' to search for contestants https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdUzI3STrD-kSDB0zaQRUsvbFikatOCsldAPjEbPnRCoKyyjQ/viewform
  2. Mendeleyev - Girl from the North Country am I the only one?
  3. Patrique Fortson went out on a high note and never got the attention he deserves
  4. Knockouts 1 Corey Ward - Already Gone 8.95 Ryleigh Modig - Use Somebody 9.05 Jordan Matthew Young - She Talks to Angles 7.15 Ethan Lively - Help Me Hold On 6.45 Ciana Pelekai - Cuz I Love You 6.75 Pia Renee - What the World Needs Now 9.15 Dana Monique - Nutbush City Limits 9.35 Keegan Ferrell - Just My Imagination 6.35 Victor Solomon - My Girl 7.85 Gean Garcia - Afterglow 6.95 Andrew Marshall - I Won’t Give Up 8.35 Pete Mroz - Before You Go 7.45 Knockouts 2 Rachel Mac - Foolish Games 9.35 Zae Romeo - Electric Lov
  5. you know it’s a good season when all of my YouTube recommendations are from The Voice
  6. Saw this on Reddit “Is Kelly drunk?” “Was Kelly drunk all through season 16? She got rid of her best singers, Mikaela and Jackson. And now she claimed last night she has never heard the song Electric Love, even though her OWN SINGER, Mikaela, sang it.”
  7. S15 KO premier was absolutely stacked. I don’t think even S20’s KOs can beat it
  8. Brooke vs Sophia Sharane vs Jamai Jackie vs Stephanie Terrence vs Livia Kymberli vs OneUp Maelyn vs Savannah Marybeth vs Dane & Stephanie
  9. Mistake006

    S17 Poll

    8.75/10 for me ranking t13 because i’m bored 1. Rose Short 2. Max Boyle 3. Myracle Holloway 4. Ricky Duran 5. Katie Kadan 6. Joana Martinez 7. Marybeth Byrd 8. Cali Wilson 9. Hello Sunday 10. 11. Will Breman 12. Kat Hammock 13. Shane Q
  10. Is it too late to post my ratings for the blinds and battles?
  11. Enid Ortiz & Valerie Ponzio - Love Triangle Jackie Verna - American Honey Taryn & WTW - Little White Church
  12. Carolina is one my favorites this season but Savanna NEEDS to win this 4WKO
  13. I was today years old when I found out Marisa Corvo is 33.. I literally thought she was like 19 idk why
  14. If nick was stupid, which he very well can be, he would save Jose over Rachel or Dana
  15. the amount of likes on Kenzie vs Avery compared to Anna vs Gihanna alarms me - i mean it’s Facebook so I guess I shouldn’t be surprised
  16. YES I can’t wait for Danish Monarch to get the PV
  17. This is a HARD season to predict No one is safe except for s
  18. Season 15’s finalists did not do it for me at all
  19. Kyla carried season 14’s lives HARD Jackie Foster is great too, and underrated, but not all her performances were consistent
  20. Not me accidentally picking season 11 as the best season
  21. Ok but imagine if Gihanna and Halley sang Glitter In The Air in the battles
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