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  1. 1. CammWess: What a delightful surprise, worthy of the pimp spot. 2. Todd Tilghman: That was such a cheesy song but I really felt it in the moment. 3. Micah Iverson: He might have oversung it a bit but still good overall. The big moon though, yikes. 4. Joanna Serenko: I didn’t watch live but did people really find this bad?? The taste of some people, or the lack thereof. 5. Allegra Miles: Not her best, but I still like her. It did look like she was wrestling with the song towards the end though. ————GAP———— 6. Thunderstorm Artis: His performance got
  2. Bingo!!! (though Lady Marmalade is performed in the KO by Colton and Tish Haynes Keys)
  3. Another (big) hint: think of the song choices and the rounds they sang those in.
  4. No but the Lady Marmalade song is related to why one of them is included.
  5. Top 3: Todd, Thunderstorm, Micah Middle 3: CammWess, Joanna, Allegra (winner) Bottom 3: Toneisha, Zan, Megan That’s my prediction for now but you can blindly take any 4 out of this top 9 and put them in the finale and I still won’t mind it.
  6. 1. Micah 2. Allegra 3. Zan 4. Thunderstorm 5. Joanna 6. CammWess 7. Toneisha 8. Todd 9. Megan Such a strong top 9. I don’t even dislike anyone and there’s an argument for literally why everyone of them should win.
  7. Megan Danielle - More Hearts Than Mine (Ingrid Andress), All Too Well (Taylor Swift) Micah Iverson - Jubilee Road (Tom Odell), Candle in the Wind (Elton John) Allegra Miles - lovely (Billie Eilish), Stranger (Katie Costello) Thunderstorm Artis - Colors (Black Pumas), On the Radio (Regina Spektor) CammWess - Fall at Your Feet (Crowded House), Supermarket Flowers (Ed Sheeran) Zan Fiskum - Midnight in the Garden (Lily Kershaw), Hiding My Heart (Brandi Carlile) Joanna Serenko - 1234 (Feist), Blue Eyes Crying in the Rain (Eva Cassidy) Toneisha
  8. I don’t remember Vanessa Ferguson doing this song? Can someone refresh me on this? Otherwise, my ranking is Christiana > Mia > CammWess > Ryan/Orlando
  9. EAR > Keisha >>>> Mandi (that was rough)
  10. Sisaundra > Allegra > India > Britton >> Halle I have no memory of Bryan Keith so can’t rank him.
  11. Thunderstorm Artis - 9 Allegra Miles - 9 Arei Moon - 8 Roderick Chambers - 5 Michael Williams - 3 Zan Fiskum - 7 CammWess - 8 Mike Jerel - 3 Mandi Castillo - 8 Megan Danielle - 6 Mandi Thomas - 3 Micah Iverson - 9 Cedrice - 7 Toneisha Harris - 4 Joei Fulco - 6 Joanna Serenko - 6 Todd Tilghman - 7
  12. Megan Danielle - Feels Like Home (Bonnie Raitt) Micah Iverson - Belle of the Boulevard (Dashboard Confessional) Mandi Thomas - I Dreamed a Dream (Les Miserables) Cedrice - The End of the World (Julie London) Roderick Chambers - Talk (Kodaline) Arei Moon - We Won’t Move (Arlissa) Allegra Miles - Damage (Rachel Wammack) Thunderstorm Artis - Blame It on Me (George Ezra) Mike Jerel - Don’t Let Me Be Misunderstood (Nina Simone) Zan Fiskum - Dandelion (Kacey Musgraves) Mandi Castillo - I Could Fall in Love (Selena) CammWess - Grace
  13. I have one: D.R. King (S14) Colton Smith (S15) Nadjah Nicole (S9) Rose Short (S17)
  14. S1: Devon Barley (plain basic and boring yet somehow he beat Rebecca Loebe??) S2: Erin Martin (weirdest tone I have ever heard and not in a good way, she also couldn't stay on pitch) S3: Daniel Rosa (he was the first successful returning artist, and frankly till this day I can't fathom how he turned a chair) S4: Taylor Beckham (she was so underbaked, but at least she could say she lost to the winner) S5: Anthony Paul (The Other Side was unintentionally hilarious) S6: Ria Eaton (this girl sang the Cup Song, and badly) S7: Justin Johnes (I remember hating everything
  15. Kristen Merlin (S6): Her blind aired on the premiere episode, but that’s about all the help she got from the show. The next time we saw her with a full performance was 2 months later in the playoffs (!!!) since both her battles were montaged. And then her mic was cut during the climax of her T12 song. Yet she prevailed, and even safely avoided the T8 triple elimination week that sent home Sisaundra, Audra, and Delvin. Unfortunately, her luck ran out when they added a final last-minute Instant Save where she lost. Was she supposed to be the 3rd vote getter that week over Christina Grimmie? It’s
  16. Won their battles against someone who got stolen and then lost to the season’s eventual runner-up in the KO?
  17. Angel from Montgomery 1. Addison Agen S13 2. Audra McLaughlin S6 3. Marybeth Byrd S17 4. Krista Hughes S9 5. Joanna Serenko S18 6. Alisan & Adam S10 Natural Woman (I like all of these) 1. Kata Hay S10 2. Amanda Brown S3 3. Rose Short S17 4. Meghan Linsey S8 5. Sisaundra Lewis S6 6. Brooke Simpson S13
  18. IIRC Team Adam S9 performance was Diamonds by Johnnyswim and not Rihanna.
  19. 1. Arei 2. Micah 3. Joanna 4. Toneisha 5. Mandi T 6. Zan 7. Allegra 8. Mandi C 9. Joei 10. Thunderstorm 11. Todd 12. Megan 13. Cedrice 14. Roderick 15. CammWess 16. Mike
  20. Best: Jake Hoot (He’s got some really good performances like his battle, KO, semifinals and duet with Kelly. And his vocals were consistent for the most part too.) Worst: Jake Worthington (His battle round with Tess was his best, and even so it was because of Tess carrying the battle. Otherwise, no other redeeming performances.) TBH I like/don’t mind most of the people in this list, except for Jake W, Jesse, Josh G, and Dexter.
  21. I’m mainly focusing on singers that got cut too early to show their full potential, but they did have some good performances (in brackets) that should have attracted more attention during their short run. S3: Joe Kirkland (Mean) S4: Amy Whitcomb (House of the Rising Sun) S5: Lina Gaudenzi (Not Ready to Make Nice/I’d Rather Go Blind) S6: Dani Moz (Edge of Glory/I Need Your Love - montaged, but I like the studio) S7: Alessandra Castronovo (Next to Me) S8: Hannah Kirby (Gimme Shelter/I Feel the Earth Move/Shout) S9: Siahna Im (Fever) S10: Tamar Davis (Lay M
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