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  1. Playoffs 1 commentary. The production value is amazing. It kinda makes the American version look like a hodge-podge virtual karaoke night. Though I hate how short the performances are. The stage is already set up, at least let the singers sing for 90 seconds! Also, the fake crowd cheering is kinda annoyingly loud. 1. Graeme vs Clarissa: Graeme's performance is what Johnny could have done had he a) been given a good song and b) trimmed down the excessive vocal runs and tricks. He's also really good at emoting. It's a very raw and honest performance that should be worthy of Delta's s
  2. Battles 4 commentary 1. Masha vs Ella: Classic diva match-up, which I'm a total sucker for. They were both pretty equal, but Ella got a little messy towards the end there. Masha's tone has more warmth and soul in it, while Ella's is thinner. I didn't expect Kelly to pick Ella though, but happy that they're still both in. 2. Timothy vs Luke: I didn't care for either of them before but I absolutely love this. Another pretty equal battle in my opinion. Hearing them side by side, I kinda favor Luke more by just a hair. Shame he got cut but it is what it is. Timothy wasn't h
  3. Battles 3 commentary 1. Josh vs Jimi: Jimi's blind eventually grew on me after a few rewatches, while I didn't necessarily care for or remember Josh. But then Josh kinda killed it, which really surprised me. I can see what the coaches say now about him having a raw diamond quality. He did sorta miss the timing a bit at the beginning but that can be chalked up to inexperience. Jimi was playing just a tad too safe for me, though I admit I prefer Jimi's tone more. Overall it was quite equal, and I wouldn't mind it if both of them had been kept. 2. Chris vs Sapphire: As ove
  4. Battles 2 commentary. Bolded are my picks for winners, italics are worthy of a save. All in all, I enjoy tonight more than last night. 1. Stellar vs Matt: Pretty sure Stellar's TCO to win now, if that hasn't been clear enough since the auditions. I didn't think she could top her audition but she might have just done that right here. Matt did a good job too, but there was no way he was gonna win this one. He managed to keep up with Stellar for the most part but his voice falters every now and then. I'm glad he's still in but I'm not sure how to feel about him being on Guy's team.
  5. Battles 1 commentary, bolded are my choice to win, italic for saves. Not a great premiere, but there are a couple of stand-outs for me. 1. Graeme vs Elishia: The best of the night for me, and I wasn't a fan of either of their auditions. Poor Elishia got drowned out by the background vocals at times, but she still brought it. That dance break was such a joy to watch that I'm willing to cut them some slacks for their vocals. Glad they're both still in but I would have had Elishia win instead. 2. Clarissa vs Virginia: An unexpectedly good battle! Though I gotta say the so
  6. Episode 9 rundown: such a strong group, I wish they would have made the episodes more even talent-wise because the last week there were a lot of fillers. Am I the only one who feels that the coaches mostly forgot about their blocks and only remembered towards the end of the auditions? 1. Clarissa Spata: she was too good! I've got chills all over. 2. Elyse Sene-Lefao: amazing performance, the only tiny nitpick that I do have though is with the song. But she definitely crushed that. 3. Nathan Isaac: he gives me Freddie vibes, but only with his performing style, not so much
  7. Took a little time off and now I'm back. And the auditions are still not over yet. Yikes. Anyway here are my comments from episode 6 onward: Episode 6 1. Angela Fabian: she is awesome. I'm not religious but she made me feel something almost spiritual. 2. Xy Latu: he might have done too much with it at times, but still a solid audition. It just wasn't memorable to me. 3. Elishia Semaan: I personally like the song choice, but I think everyone can unanimously agree that it's not suited for a singing show. Also, she's kinda fodder-ish. 4. Natalie Gauci: this is
  8. Just to clarify, so they’re doing Battles after Blinds this season? Or they’re still going Blinds > KO > Battles?
  9. Episode 5 rundown, lots of no-chairs this time. 1. Caleb Jago-Ward: I'm rewatching season 4 as well as watching this season and boy was that a massive improvement! Loving his personality as well. 2. Alex Weybury: it was good, but not sure if it warranted 2 blocks, especially considering how stingy the coaches have been at doling them out. 3. Maddy Thomas: she's very green and it shows. I think she's slated to be an early cut. 4. Soma Sutton: her voice is so... weird? But not in a good way for me. She was visibly nervous so maybe that affected what her perform
  10. Episode 4 rundown - better than last episode, but that's not saying much 1. Matt Gresham: that was terrific from start to finish, probably my second favorite audition so far (after Stellar's of course). 2. Matt Evans: the Matts are killing it tonight. His vocal was not perfect by any means but that was such a fun and interesting performance. 3. Masha Mnoyjan: well obviously she's good technically, but I can no longer be impressed by that song anymore. Everyone just sings it the same way. 4. Kirby Burgess: very theatrical performance. Usually I'm a sucker for
  11. Episode 3 rundown. Kinda a meh episode for me though. 1. Ella Monnery: her voice was surprisingly ear-popping. She’s like the girl who sang The Middle last episode but wayyy more refined. 2. Luke Biscan: I like the fresh song choice, his voice is decent too 3. Jesse Teinaki: it’s so weird, his audition last year was much better imo yet he only got half the chair turns for that. He’s much stronger in his full chest voice than his falsetto. I’d want him to stick to more uptempo or midtempo songs going forward. 4. Bukhu Ganburged: the throat singing was impressive indee
  12. Episode 2 rundown: 1. Janie Gordon: it’s true there were shaky moments, but her tone is just to die for. 2. Chris Sebastian: it was solid, but he might have done a tad too much with it for my taste. 3. Timothy Bowen: another solid performance, but I wasn’t as captivated. Maybe because I’ve heard that song done that way dozens of times before. 4. Jimi the Kween: his voice sounds not fully controlled? Also I kinda expected more theatrics from a drag queen on a song like this. 5. Charlie McFarlane: he’s ok I guess, not a disaster but not very exciting either.
  13. I thought it was a good premeire. I like it better than last year's even though Chynna >>>> everyone this episode. 1. Stellar Perry - she was stellar (sorry I just had to!), the best of the bunch by far. 2. Roxane Lebrasse - not sold on the song choice, but she's not bad. If she goes far she might be the diva of the season. 3. Virginia Lillye - solid audition, but I've heard this song done better. 4. Josh Pywell - every season of TVAUS has some form of reincarnation of this guy. He's like the Aussie version of the country guys on TVUS. 5. Adam Ludewi
  14. Wasn’t Prinnie Stevens on last season already?
  15. My take is that we mostly expect from and associate 'divas' like Toneisha with big, belty, showstopper notes. And most of the time, the divas give us exactly that and more (sometimes too much), but Toneisha just doesn't. Her singing style is very subdued compared to the ones you mentioned, and it could be because she doesn't have an as strong high register except for her head voice/whistle. She usually prefers singing lower with a darker, richer tone, which I think is technically fine, but doesn't make for memorable moments.
  16. When I picked that version for him I was thinking more about the instrumental and how it has this slow but dramatic build to it. It starts off really soft and finishes big, not unlike how Say Something worked for Camm. I didn’t suggest that he would sing it exactly the way Disturbed did. It’s more about the feel of the song. And yeah he could totally work his own changes into the vocal execution. That’s what I expected him to do with any song anyways.
  17. Correct! And the singers who sang it before them were montaged too.
  18. Todd - Unsteady (X Ambassadors) - Up to the Mountain (Patty Griffin) - Tears in Heaven (Eric Clapton) Thunderstorm - Road Again (Noah Reid) - One (Ed Sheeran) - Hiding My Heart (Brandi Carlile) Micah - When She Loved Me (Sarah McLachlan) - Red (Daniel Merriweather) - Every Breath (Boyce Avenue) CammWess - The Call (Regina Spektor) - The Sound of Silence (Disturbed) - We Won’t Move (Arlissa) Toneisha - Ave Maria (Beyonce) - You Lost Me (Christina Aguilera) - Blue Moon (Ell
  19. Did anyone make this same poll when Chloe, Addison, and Brooke or when Brynn, Kyla, and Spensha (literally what?) got PV to the finale? I like all of them except Brynn, but I’m just curious.
  20. Oh sorry I didn’t know there was one still unsolved.
  21. I have one too. Brooke Adee (S8) Jackie Verna (S14) Barett Baber (S9) Dez Duron (S3)
  22. They all sang Fleetwood Mac at some point?
  23. Joanna Serenko - "Lean On Me" - 8 Micah Iverson - "I Will Follow You Into The Dark" - 8 Todd Tilghman - "Love, Me" - 9 Zan Fiskum - "Never Be The Same" - 4 Thunderstorm Artis - "Home" - 5 Megan Danielle - "What Hurts The Most" - 2 Allegra Miles - "Overjoyed" - 7 Toneisha Harris - "Because You Loved Me" - 3 CammWess - "Rainbow" - 10
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