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  1. I swear to god if Carter or Payge lose their knockouts, Gwen probably might not even make semis unless she steals someone. She’ll probably steal Lauren back
  2. Joseph was kind of a wasted steal - Sid and Lauren deserved it, James too! - Larriah deserved to win her battle, Julia was ehhhh, Ryan’s a great singer and Taryn will probably win the KO even though I want Larriah or Ryan to
  3. Kelsie vs Marisa (Kelsie wins, Marisa is likely stolen if she’s available for steal) Madeline vs Desz (Desz wins) Tanner vs Sid (Sid wins) Cami Clune vs Bailey (Cami wins, Bailey stolen by Blake) Lauren vs Tamara (Tamara wins, Lauren is stolen by Gwen) John H vs Casme (John H wins) Carter vs Van (Carter wins) Payge vs Chloe (Payge wins) Joseph vs Ryan (idk who wins honestly) Jim vs Ben (Jim wins, Ben stolen by Kelly) JusJon vs James Pyle (James wins) Ian vs Worth the Wait (WTW wins)
  4. I don’t think Blake would pull it off either bc he doesn’t seem that interested in Taryn. So the most likely is probably John L, although I don’t think his artists are the type that would get a lot of appeal from the public
  5. I think Kelsie is the dark horse of the season. I really want her to go through but she’s on a really stacked team. I hope Kelly picks Desz, Kelsie and Sid as her KO winners and steals someone good.
  6. Without the S18 format The finale should consist of 4 of these 8 names - Desz - Jim Ranger - Carter Rubin - John Holiday - Cami Clune - Kelsie Watts - Worth the Wait - Sid
  7. Exactly but I feel like this panel is kind of easy for Blake because he’s been here the most and the rest of the coaches don’t have that type of support or fan base (maybe Kelly, but still)
  8. Completely off topic on what we’re talking about but do you think they’ll do the S18 format? Where each coach gets representation in the finale + an IS to determine the fifth spot?
  9. Add me pls I think Sid could be in the finale
  10. I really liked Gwen in Season 9. She turned first for every single artist and most of the fastest chair turns came from her (in S9). S17 on the other hand.......
  11. MY DREAM LINEUP: Kelly, Nick, Alicia, Blake. Things would be really balanced this way because John and Gwen aren’t really popular coaches and both are disliked by Team Minivan and Facebook
  12. Gwen is probably staying and they’ll bring Nick back as well
  13. He was amazing! He had such a big range and not many people have that (especially for a guy) and the best comparison I can give you is a male version of Cristina Rae from America’s Got Talent S15. Kelly picked Julia, Blake and Gwen thought John was better
  14. He was clearly better than John S. Jim could hit high notes and he even has this rock and roll kind of powerful sound....Baba O’Riley would be a great song for him to sing in the Knockouts. The coaches unanimously favored Jim over John S...
  15. Anyways Worth the Wait probably wouldn’t have won the 4-way KO so this makes sense. Also in the taping, Blake was really interested in Jim and I think he’ll be Blake’s last person standing.
  16. James sounded more clear and he surprised EVERYONE! The coaches were saying that he would have been a four chair turn if he wasn’t the last blind audition
  17. At least Gwen still has her and Carter. But I SWEAR TO GOD IF SHE GETS RID OF BOTH PAYGE OR CARTER SHE’D WRECK HER TEAM COMPLETELY Kelly actually made her team better. She has Desz, Sid, Kelsie/Marisa....even Tanner could pull a Kaleb Lee. The only fodder like person is Madeline C, but she isn’t even that bad. Ryan (Save) is really talented as well, like a male version of Mandi Thomas. Blake’s team is kinda boring...I only like Jim, Worth the Wait and James Pyle. James was actually better than Cami and Blake+Gwen agreed. Team Legend also got stronger, especially with Lauren. Nice to see he’s not judging the artists by their blind audition or the amount of chairs they turned. John Holiday, Tamara, and Cami are THREATS
  18. I hope Josh or Larriah win the 4 way KO. I personally want Josh because he’s like a better, male version of Mandi Thomas
  19. Imagine if Gwen dumps Carter and steals a mediocre person and the format is the same as S18 and one of her artists get an undeserved finale spot.
  20. She did so well with it!!! It was amazing, and she had a pop and country crossover and she was a teenager on Team Kelly. That’s some finale damage but of course Kelly picked the generic country guy. Which is ironic because whenever Kelly has a country guy (other than Hoot), she always dumps them (Justin Kilgore, Mikele Buck, Jackson Marlow)
  21. Skylar was rly good in her battle and deserved to go thru
  22. Gwen was in tears because she was really upset that only one could be chosen
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