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  1. Have a feeling it’ll go like this: John Sullivan (Team Blake) Skylar Morton (Team Kelly) Julia Cooper (Team Legend) Bailey Rae (Team Legend - semi montaged) Worth the Wait (Team Blake) Tori Miller (Team Gwen) Lain Roy (Team Gwen) Emmalae (Team Kelly) James Pyle (Team Legend)
  2. Wow they pimped Tanner so much bc they just put a bunch of fodder before him just to make him sound decent
  3. I can’t see anyone but Tanner closing though. He also made the lives, and they usually close with people who go far. I doubt Julia will, maybe Worth the Wait if they do some nice creative eidting
  4. So far no leak has closed the show. While Tanner is very unlikely to kick off E4, he might open the half hour
  5. I’m actually think Rose should have went with Kelly because she had the weakest team and then Shane wouldn’t have made lives
  6. I guess they don’t want Nick and Kelly banter and fights anymore, and they’re pushing Nick and Blake as “his younger brother” which sucks bc I loved their chemistry
  7. His notebooks have The Voice logo on it. I can’t share contestant or team spoilers, but I can tell you this: - Kelly has her closet of jackets and masks again - Blake gives out Blake bobbleheads - John welcomes his team with singing a song to each of his contestants on a rly tiny piano - There is a machine that drops a notebook for each contestant for Nick’s team
  8. I think Tanner will close unless they do some creative editing and let Worth the Wait close but I doubt it. Here are my predictions Sam Stacy (3- Team Blake) Larriah Jackson (1- Team Gwen) Olivia Reyes (2- Team Legend) Van Andrew (2- Team Gwen) Payton Lamar (1- Team Blake- semi montaged) Tanner Gomes (3- Team Kelly)
  9. Kelsie is my new fav. She should have like been Tuesday’s closing performance and I am shocked she didn’t get a four chair turn. That was better than Cami Clune, Tamara and even Desz! I can’t believe Madeline gets to stay over her, that’s so unfair.
  10. I can confirm this. I was just in Taping 4 which just ended
  11. I can’t say anything because I want to stay true to this forum, but the order of John and Nick is switched this season.
  12. So would the S20 Spoilers be posted on a new thread after S19 Taped Rounds?
  13. Omg if Tanner gets PV two of Cami/Desz/Ryan are leaving. No way Madeline gets CS. Who do y’all think is Kelly’s PV Candidate?
  14. I was only in Taping 2 of Battles. - John H and Julia: Amazing, and it was so good but Julia has a tough time with the song and she was only solid toward the end of the song - Jim and John S: Blake didn’t hesitate, Jim hit some really high notes and John S was “too gravely” -Lain vs Chloe: I actually didn’t think Lain did that bad. The coaches were saying that Lain had one of the best blind auditions but failed to reach that level. Chloe was ehh, she wasn’t that much better. Gwen was torn, and she said that Lain was her favorite and that it was just a decision on who is ready at the moment -Skylar and Tanner: Amazing. Skylar was a gem, Tanner had great baritone notes. Blake picked Skylar and he was taking about how in an earlier season (I think S6) where they sang the same song but he said that his battle got montaged and that he is sure that this battle won’t. Gwen and John picked Tanner. - Cami vs James: Their arrangement was much different than the regular song. Cami was so good, and James was a shocker. Gwen and Blake picked James, Kelly picked Cami. Gwen was shocked James didn’t win, and was very happy that Blake got to stoke him.
  15. Kelsie was really robbed she’s amazing and her range is insane and I can’t believe Madeline made it to Top 4 when Marisa and Kelsie and Ryan didn’t.
  16. Guys I scored tickets for Sunday Taping 2 and Monday Taping 4
  17. A little better; he’s consistent. Larriah went from an average one chair and matched his performance and even did better
  18. I have some notes on his battle because I was there. He was really good, and I really liked his voice...he belted and it was on key. However, Larriah should so much more maturity and her vocals were so strong and had so much depth. Kelly picked Carter, Blake and John picked Larriah. When making the decision, Gwen started tearing up, almost to the point of crying (they’re probably editing that out) and Kelly was comforting her. Gwen took 15 minutes (not exaggerating) to pick Carter over Larriah bc she kept saying how much of a quick learner Larriah was and pointed that she was a one chair turn that blew her mind now. She kept on commending on her growth and I think she might have actually gone with her, but she didn’t want Carter on any other team. She was bummed, and then she saved Larriah, and there were tears falling down her face.
  19. I think Ben getting PV in Gwen’s team is more likely than Tanner getting PV in Kelly’s team. Kelly’s PV Candidate is easily Desz, and then she would probably save Cami because she also saved a steal and a block for her.
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