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  1. Larriah was actually better and the coaches all favored her. Carter could hit some high notes but Larriah had more control and was able to soak everything like a sponge and made the battle super great
  2. Omg Kelly stole Sid??? Her top 3 is now Desz, Sid and Kelsie/Marisa
  3. Larriah was SOOOOO Good! Amazing! Gwen actually should have picked her instead and Blake and John said that Larriah was better
  4. Don’t think Gwen will be in the finale, she got rid of all her chances. I think the finale will be Jim, Desz, John Holiday and Cami Clune if it’s a reg format. Or else it would be Carter, John H, Jim, Desz and Taryn/Cami winning the IS. Jim and Desz are the likely top 2, John H for 3rd, Carter 4th and IS winner 5th
  5. Yeah I agree. ALL of the coaches used all their steals and saves on the first day
  6. I think Kelly dropped her 2nd shot at the finale (not Desz, some other person who sang country and pop)
  7. Gwens second best is probably Liam, but semifinals is probably his ceiling (IF he wins his battle and knockout)
  8. I’m basing it off their covers on Insta and YouTube. And some of the performances
  9. Now that we have the full list, I analyzed each and every contestant and these are the team rankings for me: 1. Team Legend: He has a STACKED and diverse team so it’s going to be really hard for just one or two people to stick out. (Frontrunners - John H, Cami, Sid) 2. Team Kelly: What a team! I feel like she has a batch full of dark horses that can evolve into big threats later in the competition (Frontrunners - Desz, Kelsie, Tanner bc he has a great baritone, crystal clear voice) 3. Team Blake: This team feels like 1/2 amazing and 1/2 fodder to be honest. Blake will play his cards right and he does have people that can do a lot of damage/minivan bait that can be in the finale (Frontrunners - Jim, Taryn and Worth the Wait) Team Gwen: This team was weak to start with, but now it got even more weak. Now, she only has 1 hope/chance to the finale. However, she might steal a frontrunner in the knockouts (Frontrunners - Carter, Lain)
  10. AIRING DATES BLINDS Monday, October 19 (2hr show) Tuesday, October 20 (2hr show) Tuesday, October 27 (1hr show) and it continues on the Tuesdays Battles will air November 9th, 10th and 16th. So expect a lot of MONTAGES
  11. I’m scared that Tanner might pull a Kaleb Lee bc they are very similar sounding
  12. Guys who’s the missing member on Team Kelly and John?
  13. Tickets on 1iota haven’t been released yet for Knockouts so I wonder when they are going to do it.
  14. Omg there is a Team Kelly battle that will result in a lot of negative comments and it’s gonna cause a lot of heat in this forum
  15. Guys a frontrunner got eliminated. I’m not gonna say who but it was shocking
  16. Kelly used her steal in taping one, Gwen used her save on taping 2
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