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  1. John H will be going through, Cami as well. Kelsie instead of Marisa, Sid instead of Tanner, and Jim is a lock.
  2. I'm guessing all the KO winners from each team Team Legend: John Holiday, Cami Clune and Tamara Jade (if she gets paired with John H, then she will get stolen. Casme would likely take her spot if he does that) Team Kelly: Desz, Kelsie Watts and Sid K (or Tanner if she decides to do country) Team Gwen: Payge Turner, Carter Rubin, Joseph Soul/Van Andrew Team Blake: Jim Ranger, Worth the Wait, James Pyle/JusJon STEALS: Lauren if she doesn't advance, Whoever loses in the battle of John H v. Tamara if that happens, Bailey to Team Blake, Ben Allen to Team KC IF she
  3. Guys I just realized that last year in KO’s, 4 steals came from the first 5 knockouts It’s always been like this, and the coaches always use their steals on the first 6 knockouts so I rly hope some save theirs for the second taping because maybe John H and Tamara are paired and all steals are used up
  4. I personally thought he was better than Cami in the battle. And Gwen was kinda shocked that John picked her, and happy that Blake stole him.
  5. Yeah I loved Destiny. Just wish she wasn't paired up with Rose, and I think that intimidated her a little bit. I also REALLY wanted Megan Danielle in the finale instead of Micah. And the top 3 should have been Thunderstorm (winner), Megan (runner up) and CammWess (third). Toneisha's style is just not my cup of tea, and Todd was a good singer but didn't do it for me.
  6. Shane's battle was all right, but in the knockouts was when he fell. But I think this forum doesn't like him that much....and he's not even the worst. Will (unpopular op) was really pitchy, Kat was hella boring and Hello Sunday was a mess because one girl had like cat screams
  7. I thought Liam and Lauren were Gwen's top contenders. Now they're not even on her team anymore.....
  8. My winner prediction is either Desz, Cami or Jim. I can’t see anyone else winning. Although if Kelsie shows off her ENORMOUS range she can be in the finale..
  9. SAME! Tamara is just not my style and she peaked too early
  10. I don’t they think they are going to montage any of Kelly’s battle bc the only montage worthy one ended up in a steal. And plus the producers always montage hers
  11. Probably will happen and Tamara might go home if there is no steal left. Or else she’ll be stolen by Blake (not Kelly because she’ll have competition with Desz and voters will be split, maybe Gwen will steal her)
  12. Desz will make the finals. It was strategic of her to choose Kelly because she’s also had success with Kymberyli Joy, a voice similar to Desz’s. I think she will get voted through IF her songs can showcase her powerful vocals, and if she sings emotional renditions of songs. In addition, the producers probably want a female to win because we had 2 country dudes win the last 2 seasons and Desz is the perfect candidate!
  13. I actually am not. She’s a powerhouse in a completely different way as Tamara is and as Desz is. She has a really big range and she could belt if she wants to, but she’s keeping it subtle and angelic which I love. Payge is amazing....She’s one of my favs this year
  14. I meant diva like powerhouse. She can belt notes and she has SUCH control over her vocals, it’s unbelievable.
  15. I don’t think TPTB will pimp Payge as much as Desz or Tamara. And if Gwen steals someone good, that’s her frontrunner because her team is kinda weak and if she gets rid of Payge and/or Carter, she’s toast.
  16. Here are the 3 Choices Desz - She is a powerhouse that can be very intimate and soft like Toneisha Harris. Her live performances (in her YT channel) are phenomenal and mind blowing. Tamara - She is a firecracker who can do ANYTHING. Reminds me of a mix of SandyRedd and Kymberyli Joy. Payge - Although she isn’t as vocally skilled, she has the same type of tone and voice as Just Sam from Al 2020
  17. It’s Kelsie vs Marisa most likely. The person that doesn’t win will get stolen probably
  18. Fun fact: Kelly didn’t turn for anyone on Gwen’s original team. Same thing happened with John with Kelly’s team last season
  19. I really hope Gwen steals Lauren back if she loses her battle. She’s her ticket to the finale
  20. I rly want Ryan or Larriah to go thru. Julia is ehhh, and I’m not a huge fan of Taryn’s music. If it comes down to vocals, Ryan should be winning but if it comes down to the demographic of the show, Taryn will probably win
  21. This season has the least amount of four chair turns, along with S15 and S14.
  22. She said that probably because she wanted to steal Maelyn. But for the Rod vs Maelyn, I think it was really even and the judges were favoring Rod, and he did kind of show up from nowhere so I am glad she stole him.
  23. I was talking about how she always turns after someone else does (usually Blake). She didn’t do that in S9
  24. Wow! This season will probably be similar to S17, the winner will only be clear once we reach the live shows
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