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  1. The one not getting PV will obviously get saved. The teams are so easy to predict except for Team Kelly’s. She has so many good people, and while Desz and Cami SHOULD be her top 2, Tanner might steal one of the spots via PV and then Kelly will be forced to choose Desz instead of having Desz be PV and saving Cami.
  2. Desz is the best..she absolutely should win Season 19.
  3. MOST UNPOPULAR OPINION EVER Gwen >>>>>> Kelly >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> John > Blake
  4. I remember a comment saying that Parede was too good for The Voice
  5. It's gonna go like this probably Ben Allen (3- Team Blake) Ryan Beard (2 - Defaults to Gwen) Kelsie Watts (2 - Kelly) John Sullivan (2 - Blake) Larriah Jackson (1 - Defaults to Gwen) Rio S (3 - John) Carter Rubin (2 - Gwen) MAYBE Bailey Rae (1 - Defaults to John) Desz (4 - Kelly)
  6. I think Desz will close Monday because Casme and Olivia are the AA Divas of Episode 4, and each episode needs variety.
  7. My rankings for ALL Successful Chair Turners (I have horrible taste btw) 1. John Holiday: I think he should win...I really hope he does. 2. Cami Clune: Amazing. The only other person that could beat her is John H, and he did lol. 3. Sid Kingsley: I was not expecting that. 4. Ryan Gallgher: Vocally the best! 5. Payge Turner: That low note was so good! I love her style. 6. Tamara Jade: Great audition. 7. Marisa Corvo: Loved when she broke out of her shell and rocked on stage 8. Jim Ranger: Amazing song selection 9. Madeline: I think she is gonna surprise a lot of people. 10. Taryn Papa: I liked it, but I wouldn't listen to it again. 11. Liam St John: His voice is candy to my ears, he's just vocally lacking. 12. Joseph Soul: Too boring 13. Eli: I mean ehhh 14. Ian F: too blah 15. Chloe: She needs work 16. Lauren: She also needs work 17. Aaron: Didn't care for him or the song he sang. This would have been the best realistic premiere: Jim Ranger, Taryn Papa, Desz, Ryan Gallgher, Payge Turner, Carter Rubin, Cami Clune, Sid K, and John Holiday.
  8. If she doesn’t get the closing spot I’ll be SHOCKED. Like really really shocked.
  9. Worth the Wait can’t close Episode 5 because the closer will be the last audition in which only one coach can turn not four. I predict this: - Ep 3 Closer: Desz - Ep 4 Preview: Tanner - Ep 4 Closer: Kelsie - Ep 5 Preview: Worth the Wair - Ep 5 Closer: James Pyle by default, unless Bailey Rae can also take this spot.
  10. She's well liked in IDF tho. Anyways, here is my most unpopular opinion. Madeline was the best of the night for me.
  11. Nelson and Mike were leaked tho and they’re kinda similar ig
  12. Friday’s leak: Desz Monday Opener: Ryan Berg Monday Closed: Desz Tuesday Leak: Hmm....imma guess Kelsie Watts Tuesday Opener: Kelsie Tuesday Closer: Julia Cooper or Lain Roy or Ben Allen
  13. Ryan has the 3rd highest YT views. Something tells me he’s gonna win 4-way KO as well bc he was very well received by Facebook I think since Madeline is in T17, Taryn might not make it and especially if Kelly gives Madeline some country songs. Her top 2 is clearly Desz and Cami, although Tanner might make it instead of Cami.
  14. Who do y’all think will be coaches next season? I predict Kelly Clarkson, Gwen Stefani, Usher Raymond and Blake Shelton OR The current coaching lineup
  15. I’m known to have horrible taste but I rly rly liked Madeline. She’s a dark horse that can go really far with the right songs that suit her pop-country crossover voice. My Top 5 is Sid, Cami, John H, Madeline and Ryan
  16. Interestingly, John picked up 2 very strong contenders but dumps them both and gets Chloe instead
  17. Predictions for the entire season Underline means LEAK Premiere (2 hours): John Holiday (John, Gwen, Kelly blocked - John) Liam St John (Gwen and Blake - Gwen) Joseph Soul (Kelly and Blake - Kelly) Ben Allen (Gwen, Blake and John - Blake) Lauren (Gwen and John - Gwen) Sid K (John, Gwen and Blake - John) Taryn Papa (Gwen, Blake, Kelly blocked - Blake) Payge Turner (Gwen and Blake - Gwen) Desz (Kelly, John, Gwen and Blake - Kelly) Kelsie Watts (Kelly and Gwen - Kelly) Rio S (Kelly, John and Gwen - John) Ryan Beard (Gwen, John blocked - Defaults to Gwen) Chloe Hagan (Gwen) Sam Stacy (Blake, Gwen and Kelly - Blake) Ryan Gallagher (Kelly and Blake - Kelly) Ian F (Blake) Cami Clune (Kelly, John, Gwen, Blake blocked - John) Van Andrew (Blake and Gwen - Gwen) Skylar Morton (Kelly) John Sullivan (Blake and John - Blake) Olivia Reyes (Gwen and John - John) Larriah Jackson (Gwen) Casme (John - short clipped) Marisa Corvo (Kelly, Blake and Gwen - Kelly) Payton Lamar (Blake) Tamara Jade (4 Chair Turn - John) Tanner Gomes (Kelly, John and Gwen - Kelly) Eli Z (Kelly) Lain Roy (Gwen and John-Gwen) Tori Miller (montaged - Gwen) Aaron Scott (montaged - Blake) Jim Ranger (Blake, John and Gwen - Blake) Julia Cooper (John, Kelly and Gwen - John) Madeline C (Kelly - comments cut) JusJon (Blake) Worth the Wait (4 chair turn - Blake) Bailey Rae (John) Carter Rubin (Gwen and John - Gwen) Emmalae (Kelly and John - Gwen) James Pyle (John)
  18. I think the Top 17 would have been perfect if this was the lineup (I'm not changing the steals). Kelly: Desz, Kelsie/Marisa, Tanner, Cami John: John H, Tamara, Lauren, Chloe Blake: Jim, WTW, Taryn, Sid Gwen: Payge, Ryan, Carter, Ben Chloe and Ben were weak steals..unless they pulled a Max Boyle but I doubt it. I'm shocked that John paired Cami and John H, because both are finale material. I think Marisa and Kelsie are more experienced singers than Madeline C and Ryan over Joseph ANY DAY! Payge is definitely Gwen's frontrunner, I think she'll be in the ALL premieres....possibly a battle pimp spot. I think Skylar was robbed, she sounded really good in her battle (even Blake favored her over a male country singer).
  19. The Gwen and Blake worn out thing...was that Ben, Jim or Taryn.
  20. Yeah they're probably wanting Tamara to win but they can't pimp her in the battles or KO because her opponent didn't get stolen/saved wheras Carter, Desz, John H and WTW's battle and KO opponents got stolen and/or saved.
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