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  1. Alex vs Injoy comes to mind -Rizzi vs. Presley, although both deserved to go through (JOHN SHOULD HAVE STOLEN HER) -Cecily vs. Selkii...is Blake deaf?
  2. S19 Spoilers (don't look) Gwen wrecked her team completely. She's letting people like Joseph and Ben through, instead of Liam, Ryan and Lauren... Her last chance to win is Carter, and I don't think he'll win.
  3. Do you think they'll put 9 successful chair turners in the premiere or 8? Because usually the "new" or rotating coach have 3 first, while others have 2 (sometimes also 3 or sometimes even 1 like S4). Because if they'll do that, we're likely getting Payge, Lauren and Liam for Team Gwen, Marisa and Ryan for Team Kelly, Taryn and Ben for Team Blake and Tamara and John H for Team Legend (maybe Desz instead of Tamara, and then Marisa will be bumped for next week and Sid will be John's second artist) And when are the 1iota tickets coming up for Season 20?
  4. Gwen and John’s steals are really underwhelming, Blake’s is ehhh, and Kelly just stole a winner.
  5. And the pairings are weird. Like really, really weird and they don’t even like make any sense
  6. Kelly blocking JHUD for Kymberyli was the smartest thing she’s ever done bc Kym would have picked Jennifer. But I think Kelly was a great fit too
  7. Interesting yet unexpected results so far. I’m not gonna say any spoilers but one of the coaches stole a potential winner in my mind and their team got SIGNIFICANTLY BETTER
  8. I think they are bc they’ll win their KO or get stolen.
  9. Only locks for the lives are John H, Desz, one of Kelsie/Marisa, Worth the Wait, Jim, Carter and Payge.
  10. Weird bc that was the only season she didn’t have an artist in the finale. Season 14 was probably her worst, Brynn was her only hope
  11. If she does not make the finale, this show is seriously rigged. But I actually think she will...and I hope she wins
  12. I think this is Kelly’s best team yet, since S15. She has a really diverse team with pop singers, country, powerhouses, opera, bilingual singers, etc
  13. And also Radha and JHUD, Julian and Adam, and Kyndal and Blake would have happened had they have not been blocked
  14. The biggest robbery for me is Toiya and Damien. Yes it was better long term but it was sad to see her go so quickly
  15. Without a doubt I would pick Katie Kaden’s BA! It was SENSATIONAL and I wish Kelly wasn’t blocked because then she could have won with her and given her better song choices. Like Lady Marmalade and Rolling in the Deep???? Seriously John?
  16. I am so excited to see who’s Kelly and John’s top 3. IMO they have the strongest teams im predicting Tamara, John H and Cami for Legend Kelsie, Desz and Sid for Kelly
  17. He’s like country rock. His battle was pretty good, he has a really big range and he can SING! I might actually root for him
  18. Desz will prob close episode 3. Like Kymberyli Joy did. Im wondering how they would hide the fact that John had to get 3 more in his team when the others were full. They might short clip montage 2 of them or edit out the comments
  19. Kelly would have obviously turned for her, Nick as well. I don’t know about Blake, but he stole her in the battles and since everyone was physically turning, it probably implies that they might have actually turned had given the opportunity. Maybe Blake wouldn’t have turned, but she would have also gotten Kelly and Nick to
  20. Megan Danielle in her KO (after decision) and PO. Davon consistently throughout the performances. Shawn during T13 and T8. Pryor during the auditions I think
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