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  1. that moment when both contestants John dropped for Mandi Castillo made the finale
  2. Who's ready to watch all your favorite girls get eliminated?
  3. I'll be honest, I figured Zan making the finale was a longshot anyway but when I found out that the finalists were team quotas I got really excited for her. She went from having to get top 3 out of 9 contestants with 2 of them being locks before performances, to only having 1 singer has her competition. Unfortunately, she was completely sabotaged with her song choice which ruined any remaining hope of Zan being in the finale. At the very least, I'm happy she got about as far as she realistically could have went.
  4. oh shoot I completely forgot Camm had a fan thread add me!
  5. Top 9 performances - 0.9, 7.2 million viewers. Damn, that's really unfortunate. That's the first live performance show to go fractional.
  6. I think all the girls in the top 9 just don't mesh well with Minivan in general. -Minivan finds Allegra and Megan super polarizing with their tones, which is an instant red flag no matter their genre (even after Megan sang country, which is what Minivan votes for anyway!) -Minivan liked Joanna a lot but her song choices just weren't enough. She could have done so much more but just didn't for some reason. -Zan being an indie girl and Toneisha being a diva are both not the types of contestants minivan would have voted for. They seem to really like Toneisha, but the format is screwing her over hard. Zan on the other hand has probably gotten less support than any other contestant even at her best (The Story), which is super unfortunate. So yeah, I think the girls this season were doomed for the start. Maybe in an overall vote Toneisha wouldn't have needed the Twitter save, but they last-minute changed it for some reason. Assuming the top 4 is CammWess, Thunderstorm, Todd and Micah, it's gonna take some Chris Blue level pimping to defeat Todd. He's everything Minivan likes and more. Edit: Another thing is the guys simply outsang the girls last night. It's that simple. I'd be very surprised if the only girl remaining at the end of the show tonight isn't Toneisha.
  7. The margin between Allegra and Thunderstorm alone makes the "vote tallies" sound fake to me. There's no way she's ahead of Toneisha,
  8. Nah, they're gonna have to pimp Thunderstorm super hard so he can even stand a CHANCE against Todd.
  9. Toneisha got so robbed by this format she would have gotten the PV for sure with the normal format. The fact that she's that far ahead of Thunderstorm is quite something. Not like it matters. Todd's winning anyway.
  10. man I certainly got to some people with this one I still stand by this. Yes, even over Gyth's face-palmingly obvious pander.
  11. You proved your coach completely wrong, well done! 1. CammWess Good job. 2. Thunderstorm Artis 3. Micah Iverson 4. Toneisha Harris 5. Zan Fiskum Wrong song choice 6. Joanna Serenko 7. Allegra Miles 8. Megan Danielle Officially the most pandery contestant in the history of the show and that is why he'll win 9. Todd Tilghman
  12. Best of luck to Zan tonight! Really hoping she can snipe the finale. She said that people will be surprised when people hear her song, but she's very excited about it due to the arrangement.
  13. If it’s a ballad then she’s coming for that PV. If it’s uptempo?
  14. I wouldn't be surprised if the panel stays the same as S18.
  15. Ooooh we have a S19 thread now The thing is, will blinds even happen on schedule? Because normally, fall auditions are taped at the end of June, and I don't think enough places will be safe enough for traveling purposes.
  16. 1. Thunderstorm - Flawless. 2. Joanna - Great song choice and she really delivered here. 3. Allegra - Gorgeous the whole time. Her tone really did her favors here. 4. Zan - Enjoyable for me but not the best audition this season. 5. Toneisha - She sang her butt off but I don't think the song really favored her true potential. Plus it was hard to NOT compare to Rose who sang this the season prior, and delivered one of the best performances of the season too. 6. Micah - His tone was good here but the song choice was pretty meh. 7. Todd - In terms of his audition he was fine, but I don't really care for him at all. 8. CammWess - Completely forgettable audition, tbh I don't think I've rewatched it a single time since it aired. Lucky for him is that he really grew as the competition went on. 9. Megan - Her audition, like Camm, was forgettable as hell to me. Except some of the parts I DO remember weren't good at all.
  17. I expected her to get a big ballad this week. Whatever it is, she’ll probably make it look like child’s play.
  18. I assume that means she chose her song? If that's the case then it's probably a good one. And if it's a worship song then she knows how to play the game.
  19. WHAT oh no no no no no they did not just take the cover away...
  20. Several live results shows in S16 went fractional and had less than 6.5 million viewers.
  21. 1.0, 7.18 million viewers. It doesn't seem like there will be any shifts in the next few weeks, for better or worse.
  22. This entire season has been less content!
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