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  1. two of the top 5 most popular searches for Micah (including the #1 search) ask if Micah's gay
  2. Will win: Todd Best cover: Thunderstorm Best Original: Toneisha
  3. Twitter Likes+RTs 35 minutes post-show: Todd (Cover) around 1700 (inflated due to 4-digit like count not being exact) Toneisha (Cover) 1079 CammWess (Cover) 823 (available for longer than anything else) Thunderstorm (Cover) 530 (recent post) Micah (Cover) 483 Todd (Original) 1051 Thunderstorm (Original) 713 Toneisha (Original) 494 CammWess (Original) 447 Micah (Original) 409 TOTALS FOR BOTH PERFORMANCES: Todd 2751 Toneisha 1573 CammWess 1270 Thunderstorm 1243 Micah 892 The numbers definitely shifted a bit since typing this out, but this is what I have right now.
  4. Facebook has been weird tonight. They posted Camm's cover quickly but it was all they posted for like 40 minutes and then they took it down.
  5. his last performance was EVERYTHING i really hope he can snipe that win from todd.
  6. that moment when we have Jake and Todd as winners in back-to-back seasons and they’re both pure minivan bait. (this is assuming that Todd actually wins but... come on was there ever any doubt?)
  7. Definitely Lauren Duski. The only country artist I actively rooted for.
  8. MaKenzie easily, despite it being one of her weakest performances.
  9. Agreed. I liked John quite a bit in his first season, but I blame Maelyn for that. He destroyed Katie and Marybeth with song choices (two of my top 3 favorites from that season), let his ego when it comes to Thunderstorm singing one of his sings get in the way of keeping him, and is just not good at long-term strategy.
  10. Best: Alicia (I LOVED her on the show, she was really good at coaching and was very invested in her artists on the show.) Worst: Gwen (Something about Gwen just irks me, aside from Rose and Jeffery she just never really did well with song choices.)
  12. Right now I think Todd is winning. I'll need to wait until performances+social media support to change my mind. They're probably gonna pimp Thunderstorm super hard, but there's no guarantee it'll be enough.
  13. Agreed. Under a normal format, the top 3 would have probably been Todd, Thunderstorm and Toneisha. The instant save would have been between CammWess, Micah, and either Joanna or Megan (with my prediction being towards the former)
  14. In terms of age at the time of being on The Voice, Toneisha Harris, at 44, is the oldest finalist in the history of the show.
  15. Congrats to Toneisha for making it to the finale!
  16. Congrats to Camm! Making the finale after being made to lose your battle!
  17. Congrats to Thunderstorm for making the finale!
  18. When you have a tone like that living in a location like that... I would kill to have that kind of life haha.
  19. Good run Joanna. I look forward to her career going forward.
  20. Let's all reminisce in Zan's unfortunate elimination by having this post contain some of my favorite videos from Zan's instagram: I hope I didn't make anyone too sad by posting this
  21. Winner: Thunderstorm/Todd. (I'll be way more certain depending on pimping+social media support) Runner-up: Todd/Thunderstorm 3rd: Toneisha 4th: CammWess 5th: Micah
  22. If you told me after the blinds that the finale would consist of Micah, Cam, Thunderstorm, Todd, and Toneisha I'd be laughing in your face. The quotas destroyed would could have been a stellar finale. Don't get me wrong the only contestant I dislike I Todd. But when you look at what we got compared to what we COULD have got... I can't help but feel disappointed.
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