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  1. Rather interesting that John's team is almost entirely females (John H is his only guy), it's almost the complete opposite of Blake lol.
  2. My confusion with John's KO team is where Bailey would go. I'd be surprised if John didn't pair Cami against Lauren, and if that happens then Bailey's basically destined to be in an oddball pairing. Maybe she'll be sacrificed to Tamara.
  3. TEAMS AFTER BATTLES: Team Kelly: DeSz Kelsie Watts Madeline Consoer Marisa Corvo Tanner Gomes Sid Kingsley (Steal) Ryan Gallagher (Save) Team Gwen: Carter Rubin Chloe Hogan Payge Turner Ryan Berg Van Andrew Joseph Soul (Steal) Larriah Jackson (Save) Team John: Bailey Rae Cami Clune Casme John Holiday Tamara Jade Lauren Frihauf (Steal) Julia Cooper (Save) Team Blake: Ben Allen Ian Flanigan Jim Ranger JusJon Worth the Wait James Pyle (Steal) Taryn Papa (Save)
  4. LMAO at Carter beating Larriah. Although it probably was smart long-term...
  5. Yeah it's probably group B then. I dunno, Chloe screamed fodder to me. I guess we should have seen it coming considering Carter's on Group B lol.
  6. I think Group B is the one that's toast. Group A has contestants that I think appeal to Gwen more (plus a few contestants in group B seem kinda foddery)
  7. This... wasn't a spoiler though? I apologize if it came off as one, just a guess really. But since it was misinterpreted... i guess i'll bow out now lol
  8. Live shows where a large percentage of the contestants are eliminated - usually half or just under (playoffs that go from 20-12, semifinals that go from 8-4, etc)
  9. Right, but there's programs you can download on your computer that can film your own screen. For all I know, there can be someone who follows all of the rules regarding your investment, but uses something to film their screen and now they have this recording of the actual taping that they can share with anyone. I'm just wondering if they have anything to catch that (which is probably really only answerable by people who attended the tapings. It's just nothing but curiosity after all, haha)
  10. But if people are watching on their computer, what's stopping them from doing a screen recording? Is there a system that can detect that?
  11. Welp, looks like the format will be exactly the same as it was last season. Expect bloodbaths each week of the lives.
  12. JESUS I was trolling, didn't expect so many people to take this so seriously For those not in the know, "inb4" basically means "in before" = basically being the first to make said prediction.
  13. Kennedy's Confident is the GOAT. That is all.
  14. I can really only answer this from S5 onwards. Tessanne (S5): Bridge Over Troubled Water - I think she was a mid-packer for a while, but this basically guaranteed her the win. Josh (S6): All of Me - He was practically even with Christina at this point, but since she had an off-week during the semifinals this segmented Josh as the one to beat. Craig (S7): The Old Rugged Cross - This was the only gospel song of the season and it gave Craig a boost that was practically unstoppable. Sawyer (S8): I'm A Man of Constant Sorrow - He won the whole season during the first 5 seconds of this lol. Jordan (S9): Chandelier - The same thing as Sawyer. As soon as he opened his mouth no one was stopping him. Alisan (S10): Blue Bayou - This was honestly kinda hard to decide since I thought she was neck and neck with Adam (hence why I was kinda convinced to put Let Him Fly here), but considering the insanity that this audition was, it was a rather obvious choice. Sundance (S11): Me and Jesus - No One basically guaranteed him a finale spot, but his lead wasn't big enough to be considered a victory lock. The fact that THIS hit #1 on iTunes (and this was a performance I have a strong dislike for because I found it extremely plain and irritating) basically meant Sundance was unstoppable. Chris (S12): Rhythm Nation - He probably would have lost if he sang... well anything else (except maybe another gospel song). I thought he had a chance to win after this despite Lauren's monster of a seemingly unstoppable iTunes lead, and as soon as they said the voting was close I knew Chris took the win. Chloe (S13): Landslide - I think this is what gave her a ton of fans that never stopped voting for her no matter how average she was. Brynn (S14): Here Comes Goodbye - This was probably the most difficult one to decide since Brynn never really struck me as a "frontrunner", I had her pegged for 3rd place until finale night after all. That said, if something definitely put her on the radar it was this. Chevel (S15): Little White Church - Another one that was pretty hard to decide. Travelin' Soilder was a huuuuge hit on Facebook as mentioned, but I think Little White Church is what put her in a great spot. Her support was extremely high for an uptempo song, and if that happens then ballads are more often than not just as high if not more. Maelyn (S16): Stay - The Scientist was a breakout moment for her since it took her from "You're not beating Gyth sadly." to "COME ON BEAT GYTH INTO THE GROUND!" I put Stay on here because Gyth pandered EXTREMELY HARD for votes and yet Maelyn STILL outcharted him that weak and managed to get the streaming bonus again, which was HUGE. So huge in fact that it was basically game over. She didn't need Hallelujah to win, but it was essentially to say "Hey, I know that I'm the frontrunner and I am NOT risking losing it." Jake (S17): Cover Me Up - He had no chance of losing after this. It gave him a fanbase that voted for him nonstop (not to mention his "stream the tar out of my song" advice for his live performances). Todd (S18): Love, Me - Funnily enough, a guy I have described as a hardcore panderer managed to secure his win with a song that WASN'T gospel, lol. As soon as they showed his sleeping daughter on the camera it was game over.
  15. -Jordan Smith -Matt McAndrew -Sawyer Fredericks -Noah Mac -Latih al-Saadi I rooted for all 5 of these contestants and was happy they all got far (Noah was robbed af of the finale though)
  16. Uh... a bit of a hot take but Amber's Stay was... solid. I don't consider it an outstanding masterpiece like others, and this result just baffles me. Amanda's Dream On was EVERYTHING.
  17. No specific order. Top 5: Maelyn Jarmon - Stay Rose Short - I Want to Know What Love Is Kyla Jade - Let it Be Brooke Simpson - Faithfully Jordan Smith - Somebody to Love Bottom 5: Kirk Jay - I Swear Gyth Rigdon - God Bless The U.S.A Barrett Baber - Ghost Will Breman - Locked Out of Heaven Carter Lloyd Horne - Take Me to Church This was actually really hard to decide for both categories.
  18. Shane Q. At least out of the possible contestants that weren’t already said.
  19. She is going to be dangerous. Blake won't let her go with that connection.
  20. Jej crashed and burned in the lives and everyone who watched his videos were probably from international countries who couldn't vote.
  21. Vouching for Amy Vachal, that was honestly one of the most shocking eliminations in Voice history.
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