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  1. These contestants actively deserved to win 1. Alisan Porter 2. Maelyn Jarmon 3. Jordan Smith Great contestants, was happy they won, but I would have preferred someone else 4. Tessanne Chin 5. Chris Blue 6. Sawyer Fredericks 7. Brynn Cartelli These contestants were fine, but not my favorites or anywhere close 8. Chevel Shepherd 9. Chloe Kohanski 10. Josh Kaufman 11. Craig Wayne Boyd Contestants that I thought were genuinely intolerable and their win made me consider losing my hope in humanity 12. Sundance Head 13. Todd Tilghman 14. Jake Hoot I didn't watch enough of Seasons 1-4 to rank their respective winners.
  2. I'm only doing S5 onward because I didn't watch before then. I actively wanted these contestants to win despite knowing it was statistically impossible. 1. Kennedy Holmes 2. Rose Short Great contestants, and I was more than satisfied they made the finale, but not who I ultimately wanted to win. 3. Christina Grimmie 4. Koryn Hawthorne 5. Laith al-Saadi 6. Jeffery Austin 7. Spensha Baker These contestants are fine, but not who I would have placed in the finale. They kinda didn't deserve it compared to the rest of the competition, tbh. 8. Will Champlin 9. Micah Iverson 10. Damien Lawson The fact that these contestants made the finale is an actual crime, sorry. 11. Jesse Larson 12. Andrew Sevener 13. Josh Gallagher 14. Red Marlow
  3. On a more serious note... -Fall Out Boy and Matt McAndrew - Centuries (This was a really epic performance, nothing more) -Chris Weaver and Jessie J - Bang Bang (My Baby Shot Me Down) (THIS WAS ONE OF THE MOST ICONIC PERFORMANCES IN VOICE HISTORY EVEN FOR CONTESTANT STANDARDS) -Jennifer Hudson and Kyla Jade - I Know Where I´ve Been (If you want to know why Kyla was robbed and haven't been convinced by the other hundreds of reasons then watch this to add to your list because SHOOK) -Sarah McLachlan and Maelyn Jarmon - Angel (TERRIFIC rendition, absolutely gorgeous and Maelyn was there so it only helps. Just pure perfection) -Adam Lambert and Katie Kadan - Believe (Even though I think Rose had the overall stronger run, Katie was absolutely robbed and being realistic was probably who deserved the win the most. This performance was one of her best all season and proved why she was so wrongly done by America. It's too bad no one had an even remote chance of defeating the Hoot since the lives began.)
  4. Do you really think they’re gonna pimp an AA female just to say that one has finally won? That means they’re pimping a contestant for a reason that isn’t their coach. The producers wouldn’t do that.
  5. Oh no... Gwen is my personal least favorite coach, and I'm not really looking forward to seeing her replace Nick (who was a great coach imo). Here we go again with the S17 panel!
  6. I picked the right person to stan in S13
  7. Not only that, but Toneisha is now tied with Emily Ann Roberts for the furthest a coach save in playoffs has ever advanced, being the runner-up. Also, S18 is the first season since S3 where the top 2 came from the same team, as well as the first season where a contestant 40+ years old made the top 2 (and both the winner and runner-up were 40+!)
  8. Hold on... maybe they’ll say something in the next couple of days that’ll say Thunderstorm ALSO places 2nd. but if Thunderstorm really placed 3rd, that is likely why they didn’t announce 3rd place on air. Which is pretty stupid, just to have the new coach there really.
  9. 1 year ago to this day, our queen reigned supreme against mediocrity and won The Voice. Happy 1 year since victory!
  10. Not listing them in order. Thunderstorm Artis - Blackbird Thunderstorm Artis - What A Wonderful World Thunderstorm Artis - Summertime Zan Fiskum - The Story Zan Fiskum - Blowin' In The Wind Toneisha Harris - Diamonds Cedrice - Fever Arei Moon - You Don't Know My Name Joanna Serenko & Roderick Chambers - when the party's over Allegra Miles & Michael Williams - How Will I Know
  11. I got notified for this post, haha. Did I miss something?
  12. A friendly reminder that may or may not be the anger in me over the last two seasons talking to all: We didn't deserve Maelyn. The show didn't deserve Maelyn. But I thank her anyway for auditioning, because of the fact that she singlehandedly proved there's always a chance, albeit a very SLIGHT chance but still a chance nonetheless, that the truly best contestant can actually win.
  13. Thunderstorm Artis is the first contestant in a Spring cycle of The Voice to close the finale show and lose.
  14. Either way, she is the first AA female to actually be onscreen when Carson announced the winner.
  15. If there's anything these past two seasons have taught me... there's always going to be a Todd every season that'll be pegged for the finale the second he turns a chair no matter how TPTB decides to direct their pimping. Whether or not he wins depends on how quickly minivan picks up on them, which usually takes 1 performance.
  16. I saw Cam in 3rd and immediately scoffed at it. No way he got that high with what he did last night.
  17. Not including Brooke and Katie since... they're not black. Also not including any diva that isn't in this poll for consistency 1. Kyla Jade - The amount of control she had combined with how effortless she hit some insanely tough notes was SCARY. At the same time, I loved it. She didn't have a single bad performance until TPTB thought bussing her in the finale was a good idea. Should have won. 2. Rose Short - ZERO bad performances, and she grew so much as the competition went on. She sang a lot of songs that I never expected a diva to sing (Preach, Maybe I'm Amazed, and let's not forget GOD'S COUNTRY) and delivered every time. She demolished it all, giving 2 winner worthy performance in a row (God's Country and I Want To Know What Love Is both showed how GOOD she is), and she honestly really deserved to win. Her live trajectory was way better than Katie's, tbh. 3. Kimberly Nichole - I don't know why, but at the time I preferred India to Kimberly haha. That said, Kimberly was RIDICULOUS. Her audition made me think she would be fodder, and her KO was unmemorable. But everything else? Forget about it, she blew the roof off with House of the Rising Sun being one of my all-time favorite performances). Except for Free Fallin' which... (oh and I LOVED Dirty Diana despite what the public thought of it.) 4. SandyRedd - One of the best auditions in Voice history and her battle and KO were great too. Unfortunately she faltered a bit in the lives, which was enough for her to be eliminated early. She really deserved so much better than what she got. 5. Ali Caldwell - I didn't "stan" Ali as much as some other people I know did, but there's NO DOUBT in my mind that she deserved to make the finale. Even with poor song choices given to her in the lives (like, REALLY? 9 to 5?) she managed to make it work. It's too bad she lost to... a singer that has been seen 100s of times on the show. 6. Sasha Allen - I haven't seen all of her performances since I didn't follow S4 until near the end, but from what I've seen she was phenomenal most of the time. 7. Janice Freeman - Audition aside, incredibly consistent. I was kinda expecting her to be Miley's frontrunner over Brooke for a while. Sadly, one bad song choice took her out. Rest easy to her Radioactive Soul. 8. Amanda Brown - The ONLY reason I am ranking her this low is because I didn't watch S3 and I've only seen 2 of her performances (Dream On and Someone Like You), but both were incredible. 9. Toneisha Harris - Still a great technical singer, but I feel like she never really "let loose" like I expected her to, with the exception of her KO.
  18. No one was defeating Hoot in the finale regardless of iTunes and social media scores Todd on the other hand has had an insane lead all season. The pimping of Thunderstorm probably won't work, tbh.
  19. Toneisha was one of my favorites this season don't get me wrong. But yeah she was one of the weaker divas for sure. I feel like in all of her performances I was waiting for a crazy session of powerful notes and they never came.
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