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  1. Honestly, I think the show is going to keep getting renewed as long as it does well against other unscripted shows. Obvious budget cuts have happened, but the show is still being aired. And the pandemic destroyed ALL ratings, not just The Voice. Most people just moved on from network TV to streaming services like Netflix and Hulu long ago, and it's not changing. It is what it is.
  2. Dana Monique, Savanna Woods, Cam Anthony, and Pia Renee.
  3. Stand Up. Freedom was fun to watch. I emphasize "watch" very hard because I didn't think the vocal itself was anything special. It was all choreography.
  4. I'm just good at predicting how this show works. I'm not perfect, but I like to think I'm right most of the time.
  5. dead at me making this prediction before this season began realizing that kenzie's gonna win the show tomorrow, this show is so predictable
  6. 1. Kenzie 2. Cam 3. Victor 4. Jordan 5. Rachel
  7. I had a feeling Victor was gonna close. They wouldn't let the same person close twice in the lives with only three weeks.
  8. Bumping this thread because I was bored I realized that a lot of the finalists in S20 are... surprisingly young. I got curious so I have a list of the average age by the season of the finalists on The Voice. Since only some competitors had a birthday during the competition (and not remembering which ones have), these calculations only factor in age at the time of the blind audition for consistency. With the Swon Brothers in S4, I used both of their ages and divided by 4 instead of 3. Feel free to add on to the calculations with birthdays included if you want or some other calculation. After the list, I'll be taking these numbers and seeing the average age of all finalists. I'll be listing the exact age as well as said age rounded to the nearest whole number. This list will be updated by the season assuming I don't forget. AVERAGE AGE OF THE VOICE FINALISTS PER SEASON: S1: 30.75 unrounded, 31 rounded S2: 30.5 unrounded, 31 rounded S3: 29.66 unrounded, 30 rounded S4: 23.25 unrounded, 23 rounded S5: 24.66 unrounded, 25 rounded S6: 24.66 unrounded, 25 rounded S7: 28.25 unrounded, 28 rounded S8: 24.25 unrounded, 24 rounded S9: 24 (no rounded necessary) S10: 32.25 unrounded, 32 rounded S11: 26.75 unrounded, 27 rounded S12: 25 (no rounding necessary) S13: 26.25 unrounded, 26 rounded S14: 22 (no rounding necessary) S15: 19.5 unrounded, 20 rounded S16: 24.75 unrounded, 25 rounded S17: 32.75 rounded, 33 rounded S18: 31 (no rounding necessary) S19: 29.4 unrounded, 29 rounded S20: 22.4 unrounded, 22 rounded THE AVERAGE AGE OF ALL FINALISTS IS: 26.6 unrounded, 27 rounded.
  9. This is why I just root for a contestant I like to make the finale. If they don't win, oh well, the season's over. They still performed the same amount of times as the winner, barring an instant save performance here and there.
  10. "oNe oF tHe mOsT sUcCeSsFul sHoWs oN TTTTVVV!!!!" - NBC executives is that even true? do Nielsen ratings even matter anymore?
  11. 1. Kenzie 2. Cam 3. Jordan 4. Victor 5. Rachel The top 2 and bottom 2 can shift depending on song choice and social media. I think Jordan getting 3rd is the only safe assumption right now.
  12. I didn't hear what she said about Rachel, but I hope she didn't attack her so hard.
  13. DeSz is live on instagram right now. She's REALLY pissed about the results tonight.
  14. Congrats to Rachel for making the finale, and being the first female one-chair turn ever to do so! Last night wasn't her best performance for me, but she obviously can do way better. I'm excited to see what she can bring in the finale!
  15. Statistically, Gihanna. For me, a contestant who was "robbed" ended up getting eliminated sooner than expected. I don't say a contestant was robbed if I liked them and they lost, because that's just an excuse to be angry about it. Gihanna actually had a very strong IS performance and was the last to perform. That should have gotten her the win. Nothing more need to be said.
  16. HELLO GIHANNA Thank you so much for being on this show, you are an extremely talented girl and you will go on to do great things! You killed your performances!
  17. So for S20... -the first time a black woman didn't make the finale since S16 -had 3 black women in the T9, all of them were eliminated in the same episode, and there were 4 contestants eliminated overall. That's really unfortunate. They deserved so much better.
  18. Who WILL win it? Jordan. Come on, you can't have a Voice finale with only 1 finalist for Blake can you?
  19. As expected Kenzie will win He is going to basically end anyone else's chance of winning with his song choice. Also LMAO at Dana, the one time she actually gets a slower song it's one of if not the worst song choices of the night.
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