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  1. Zan has not built a very strong fanbase. In order for her to make the finale, she's probably gonna need a gospel song AND Cam to flop hard.
  2. Normally I would be all for 5 finalists... but not in a team by team format. Plus 5 finalists is a bit too much for a finale, S7 and S8 had 5 in the SEMIFINALS! This basically means that contestants who would have been out by now in any other season... now have a 50% chance of making the finale. It's absurd. WHY COULDN'T THIS HAVE HAPPENED IN S16
  3. this thread did not age well
  4. They probably did this to make up for a lack of coach duets in the finale, because each singer would perform twice instead of 3 times.
  6. Next week is fan week yes. Carson said so at the very end of the T17 results show (it's also at the end of the YT upload when Joanna got the WC vote)
  7. It's not as likely as it seems. Yes, all 4 of the remaining men got the PV in the T17. However, there are only 2 weeks left, and 5 contestants are being eliminated next week. Any contestant can crash and burn, come out of nowhere, or anything in between. The songs for next week will be critical.
  8. Bumping this thread to point out that Mandi Castillo (S18) won both her battle and her KO, yet both contestants she defeated ended up going further in the competition than her. If i recall correctly, the only other time this happened was Sarah Potenza in S8.
  9. I'd be happy with any of these contestants winning. 1. Zan 2. Toneisha 3. Joanna 4. Allegra 5. Thunderstorm 6. CammWess 7. Megan 8. Micah ...Except for Todd, and because of the fanbase of this show he'll likely end up winning anyway. 9. Todd
  10. Either people don't like the at-home performance format or it's just impossible to bounce back after a clip show.
  11. This is actually SUPER hard to make a call on. I'll try to make a prediction now, but next week's songs will be crucial and could very well give a different outcome. Top 3: Thunderstorm Todd Megan Middle 3: Toneisha (winning the IS vote) CammWess Allegra Bottom 3: Micah Zan (she unfortunately doesn't seem to have a ton of support) Joanna
  12. See, that's the thing. No one can be counted out because this format will basically eliminate ANYONE if they have a poor song. For all we know Joanna could close next week's show and snipe a PV into the finale, lol.
  14. The choice was easy for the WC, very glad Joanna survived to next week!
  15. I expected Mandi to be in the WC vote and not Mike after I posted this, I was just too lazy to edit lol. Which means I got it exactly right. This show's so predictable lmao
  16. He not only lost his battle, he was MADE to lose it. The song choice said it all. I’m really impressed by Cam’s growth. Any other season and he would be playoff fodder. He’s improved more than anyone else this season, and this is coming from someone who’s #1 favorite is Zan.
  17. Considering the team separation + short live shows, there’s actually a really good chance that the finale won’t be only the PVs from tonight. someone who got a CS could have gotten more votes than someone who got a PV from a different team. Plus, one bad song choice essentially means you’re out, and that can happen to anyone.
  18. I wasn’t a Chloe fan tbh, never got her hype. There are exceptions though, S11 has weak talent AND a weak winner. whereas this season has a lot of talent but the winner is... probably mediocre for me (Todd)
  19. Fall seasons: Great talent, mediocre winner. Spring seasons: Mediocre talent, great winner.
  20. Damn there's definitely a possibility that we'll end up with an all male finale. I wouldn't be surprised to see all of the PVs tonight be men. ...considering how many talented girls there are, I think an all-male finale would be really awful.
  21. He's gonna win lol. I pegged Thunderstorm as the winner for a while but idk why I ever thought Todd was losing with the fanbase of this show lol
  22. Great job! 1 - Zan 2 - Thunderstorm 3 - Allegra 4 - CammWess 5 - Megan 6 - Micah You've had better performances but you weren't too bad 7 - Toneisha 8 - Cedrice 9 - Joanna 10 - Joei 11 - Todd Good luck with your careers when you get eliminated 12 - Michael 13 - Mandi C 14 - Arei 15 - Mandi T 16 - Roderick 17 - Mike
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