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  1. Maybe TPTB would make Blake give up Wendy to Ariana in KOs and push for a Wendy-Ari win.
  2. Her back story is certainly interesting. For an artist of her calibre and experience I doubt they would make her go through the usual screening procedures. Is Wendy the 2nd oldest contestant to get a blind audition? The oldest was a 56 yo dude in S10 or S11 I can't remember. Wendy is 55.
  3. Yeah I think either Nick or Blake said that if you walk into a shop and ask for a fiddle, they're gonna bring you to the violin section.
  4. That was Blake's argument iirc. Kelly said its different cause she learned to play a violin and not a fiddle.
  5. This reminds me of the violin vs fiddle debate that Kelly and Blake had during Mandi's blind auditions lol
  6. Interested to see if Ari turned for any country artist that Kelly/John didn't turn for. Also, is the spoiler post gone? It used to be at the top of pg 120 but its not there anymore. Edit: nvm, found it in the middle of pg 118.
  7. Are these 4 all on Team Legend? Maybe they're lurking here and followed Leon Bridges just to mess with us
  8. Omg what a throwback. I remember downloading the studio version of her BA to listen on repeat on my phone . She was also one of the more vocal ones to disapprove of the block button when it was first introduced.
  9. Wait i thought the E news thing was leaked by NBC themselves for some pre season buzz. Lol did they leak it themself then try to scare the rest of the taping audiences about it.
  10. The producers of Idol (and many other reality tv competitions) do this on purpose. They pick a few clowns through the audition process and build this person up and let them think they're awesome, just to have the judges shit on them later on. Made for great TV but horrible for those people.
  11. Wait this is still a thing? LOL I remember watching an episode of fallon or something years ago where she was squinting like heck trying to read some board. How has no one got her contacts or something yet
  12. Agree. Also, how many fans are from the US? How many international? How many intl fans are gonna get VPN and watch it live and vote every week? It might be 4am their time. Its easy to double tap and like a post on IG but how many are gonna do all the above mentioned to vote? Guess we'll find out in a few months.
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