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  1. Perhaps they're saving the country performances towards the later part of lives when it really matters. Its gonna seem like wow she can do country too?! Or maybe they wanna help Ariana's chances by giving Wendy a non-minivan friendly lane throughout
  2. Alicia and Pharrell weren't loud or snarky but they were entertaining. I'm still waiting for John/Ariana to reach somewhere near that level of entertainment. No one is asking them to be loud or snarky, just entertaining.
  3. Yeah i'm hoping he releases something by then and is able to perform in the lives to get a boost from the audience.
  4. Yeah it looked like she recognized him then Blake provided the name. Here's to hoping Cam will perform during the live rounds.
  5. Wow nice to see Cam returning! And LOL @2:03 was Ari asking Blake who it was .
  6. My top 3 this season is probably Gymani, Bella and Libianca. Haven't decided what order yet, guess i'll wait for their battles and KOs. Edit: Also, the way ya'll been spelling LiBianca this whole time had me thinking she was a rapper .
  7. I think we've gotten past "telling the truth" stage. Its just mocking and cruelty. There's a difference.
  8. Yeah they are really chewing her up. Its brutal in the replies I hope she doesn't go on social media for awhile.
  9. She's pretty bland entertainment wise. Mostly only turns after someone else turns and when its her turn to talk she gets nervous and unsure and fidgety but when John is talking she always interjects and interupts him. Saw another poster said this and I agree "like a kid at an adults table", and it has nothing to do with their actual ages. She's on the same level as Nick for me. I hardly feel her actual presence at all on the coaching panel (not referring to online fanbase). All her reactions up till now feels very calculated and put on. Coaches comments wise i'll wait for the battle rounds. The resident Arianator in here would probably take issue with this .
  10. She's just reposting sasha's excited reaction to her turning. There's not even a second of singing. She knows what arianators want to see.
  11. Can't believe I'm able to view this new video but episode 2 performances are still georestricted . Is there a reason for doing that. Are they trying to gauge how much of the views come from the US.
  12. I think I came across this person's Ari stan twitter account by accident when looking at The Voice's posts. The rambling and emojis used, it all fits .
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