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  1. Nah he did pay with real money. The girl trashed him for clout, this is from a comment section on her IG. Shows you how 1 person can really ruin someone else using social media lmao
  2. Art of starting over, lonely people, the kind of lover I am, the way you don't look at me, carefully, butterfly, california sober. I think mainly its deep cuts? Not too sure but I loved Carefully.
  3. Caroline from Season 5 co-wrote 7 songs on Demi's new album . I remember her for her Royals performance with Tessanne.
  4. Yeah I'd say the coaches should go all out on the show, 14 year old fans be damned. I know Blake's probably not gonna hold back either, and I wouldn't want him to. Its their loss if they want to take a TV show so personally on behalf of their idol that they can't enjoy the jokes.
  5. I've already seen some Arianators ridiculing Kelly for even having stans at her age and calling her irrelevant. They only play nice when they don't think the other person's a threat. Once a Kelly stan says something or if Kelly says something on the show that they deem as a negative to their fav, they're not gonna hold back.
  6. I gotta say, as someone who knows mandarin, that girl was pretty horrible at speaking it lmao. I forgot which Madison it was but one of them was talking about translating her songs from english to mandarin and being invited to sing in China or somethin but that sentence that came out of her mouth literally made no sense. The second hand embarassment I was feeling... . She basically said "Kelly likes to sing, and I like to sing, so I hope that together we can do very good sing song" I guess no one on the production staff thought to double check what she said lol. Anyw
  7. I feel calm, funny and violent all at once. Oh the complexities of human nature. Amitabha Toodles
  8. Aww do I have to I woke up and chose violence today Just kidding, its been fun guys, this will be my last post. I'm gonna go back to lurking Can't wait for the blinds to air!
  9. Well I guess in return for that promise of an autograph, the least I could do is to keep you in check whenever you try to pass off some falsehood as fact in order to suit your coach biases
  10. Reread my post with your 2 eyes . I said I've been lurking here a long time (=no previous account), so YES I created an account just to quote you, you can feel honoured . In return, I shall feel honoured that you went to see my profile . Also, in your long rant in the previous post you haven't actually replied to my main point which is that you falsely claim that S18 ratings went up because of Nick, which it did not. Seeing as you didn't reply to that, I guess that ends the discussion. Cheers
  11. I've been lurking here long enough to know that you're the guy that likes to hate on Gwen for no reason and find any opportunity to throw shade her way and put her down so I usually just ignore your posts about her. But when you try to repeatedly tout this falsehood as fact, that's when I come in. I've seen you say this in almost every thread with Nick or Gwen and you think that Nick Jonas is some kind of God that draws in many millions of extra viewers but one simple wikipedia check will prove you wrong. Season 17 Ratings Ep1 - Ep3: 1.7, 1.6, 1.5 Season 18 Ratings Ep1 - Ep3:
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