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  1. Hollywood Junket IG Live interview!
  2. Episode 3 commentaries incoming! JESSE TEINAKI, All-Star, 4 chair turn, Team Delta I gotta be honest, I'm not loving how he slowed down the song to a dirge at the start of the song, it felt that he was trying too hard to sound.... emotional I guess? But the second half of the song was SO MUCH BETTER, he brought back the edge that I loved from his voice in the first place. He needs to stop trying too hard like Guy pointed out and just let his voice soar. I hope he settles his unfinished business with Delta on his side. Chair turn for MJ! LUKE BISCAN, Kelly and Guy turned Team Guy I liked the cry in his voice when he got into the chorus (love this song BTW), but.... I can't get behind the rest of the performance. There's no sense of urgency in it. No chair. SEBASTIAN COE, Only George turned, Team George <OzTalent video TBF> Yeah, all I remembered from this performance is the split. He's less annoying here than in TVAU Kids, I guess? No chair. ELLA MONNERY, Delta, Kelly and George turned, Team Kelly I felt like we've seen the third variation of this type of female singer for three straight nights already? Despina, Stephanie, now Ella. I will say Ella's the best out of the three. No chair for me still. OLIVIA KELLY, No chairs This performance is the closest we'll get to recreating what would happen if Billie Eilish auditioned for The Voice. Interesting tone, too bad the nerves got to her. No chair. BUKHU GANBURGED, 4 chair turn, Team Guy I acknowledge that what this guy does is culturally significant, and I don't want to take away from it, but this is just not for me. For some reason, the throat singing was higher pitched than I was expecting, and it did not sound pleasant. Normal singing was OK, but I can't get past the bizarre throat singing. No chair. PERSONAL TEAM STANDINGS: 1. Stellar Perry (4 chairs, Team Delta) 2. Charlie McFarlane (2 chairs, Team Kelly) 3. Timothy James Bowen (4 chairs, Team Guy) 4. Jesse Teinaki (4 chairs, Team Delta) Very meh night. Hope next week will be better. Not a fan of them shoving Team Guy down at our throats too.
  3. Aaaaaand we finally have the mysterious auditioner who sang with "two voices". Bukhu is apparently a Mongolian throat singer.
  4. Looks like Meridian is doing a drive-thru parade on May 28 in honor of Todd's victory! https://facebook.com/events/s/drive-thru-parade-honoring-tod/243386133584690/?ti=as
  5. Episode 2 commentary! JANIE GORDON, 4 chairs, Team Delta This was a fine performance, very tentative and a little bit shaky, but lots of potential. No chair for me though, she's not my style. STEPHANIE COLE, Guy and Delta turned, Team Guy Yikes, I don't like her voice with this song. Her tone sounds really affected and forced. No chair. CHRIS SEBASTIAN, All-Star, 4 chairs, Team Kelly Not my favorite rendition of Jealous, felt oversung to me. I do like his tone and I hope he chooses better fitting songs. No chair. CHARLIE MCFARLANE, George and Kelly turned, Team Kelly OK, here's the thing, this guy is basically another version of Josh Pywell from yesterday's episode and I acknowledge that this is not in any way the best performance of this song ever, but I kinda dig this guy's voice and vibe so much better than Josh's. He sounds much cooler and modern. Or maybe it's just the accent, I always found Scottish accents pleasing to the ear. Oh, you know who he reminds me of? A younger version of Stevie McCrorie from TVUKS4. There's potential here. Chair turn from MJ! JIMI THE KWEEN, 4 chairs, Team Guy I was waiting for the performance to reach some sort of climax, and it didn't go anywhere worthwhile for me. I expected more panache from a drag queen. 4 chairs, really? No chair. MEGAN VUILLEMAIN, No chairs Yikes. She's under the pitch the whole time. And she has little character to her voice and stage presence. No chair. TIMOTHY JAMES BOWEN, 4 chairs, Team Guy Yeah, I've heard a lot of this guy's material before the show premiere, including that pretty original song he sang after his blind, and he's right smack dab in the middle of my alley. Love the texture of his voice, and while I'm not too fond of his song choice (it made his performance pale in comparison to a LOT of amazing covers of this song), I can't help but be intrigued to what he has to say. I hope he'll be the token male singer/songwriter artist this season, like Daniel Shaw, but earthier. Chair turn from MJ! PERSONAL TEAM STANDINGS: 1. Stellar Perry (4 chairs, Team Delta) 2. Charlie McFarlane (2 chairs, Team Kelly) 3. Timothy James Bowen (4 chairs, Team Guy) Better than premiere for sure, we are starting to get our groove back. Woah at Team Guy getting all the people, they're really trying to make up for Guy's terrible team last season. And random rant: the TVAU YT channel can suck it for reducing random artists's blind auditions to 30-second snippets. WTF? Thank God for OzTalent.
  6. Kameron Marlowe signed a global publishing deal with Sony ATV Music Publishing, the same company that signed Barrett Baber a while back. https://musicrow.com/2020/05/kameron-marlowe-signs-publishing-deal-with-sony-atv/ Kameron also broke 2M views on his independent music video Givin' You Up, doubling its view count in half the time it took to reach 1M+.
  7. So proud of Kameron for scoring this huge deal with Sony ATV! He is now a fellow Sony songwriter with my other country fave Barrett Baber! https://musicrow.com/2020/05/kameron-marlowe-signs-publishing-deal-with-sony-atv/ Kameron also broke 2M views on his independent music video Givin' You Up, doubling its view count in half the time it took to reach 1M+. Thank you CMT for the additional press!
  8. Last season. Delta tried to steal Chriddy Black from Guy but Chriddy chose to return to Guy's team. After the rejection, Delta stole another loser from the same KO (Jesse Teinaki), and the other coaches thought it was cheating. https://www.msn.com/en-nz/entertainment/entertainmenttv/ive-gone-rogue-the-voices-delta-goodrem-accused-of-cheating-as-she-saves-guy-sebastians-act-just-moments-after-failing-to-steal-another-of-his-singers/ar-AACIQqN
  9. I fully believe half of people on this season are 4 chairs LOL.
  10. I don't know, but it's fair to assume it isn't in order based on TVUS's practices.
  11. I also love how he's very frank and honest about his future and how he makes sure his fans temper their expectations now that he's won The Voice.
  12. Great interview with Front Row Live. Always fun when the interviewer is a fan.
  13. This is definitely more cutthroat and in line with TVAU's brand of coach antics. Not surprised they also gave two blocks to the coaches this season just to up the ante.
  14. Edited these names, and I'll try to make the contestant list into an index of the artists' performances this season as we go along.
  15. And indeed, OzTalent delivered on the goods with their full-length audition uploads. Praying this will continue throughout the season. I'm gonna do a commentary thing for each episode and try to build my own team for the season. ADAM LUDEWIG, 4 chair turner, Team Guy I think I kinda grown to be annoyed at him since the show decided to give him some excessive promo. I think his voice is OK, but I hate his phrasing and vocal choices. NO CHAIR for me. DESPINA SAVVA, 4 chair turner, Team George Not my type at all. And she used too much affectation on her voice for her blind. And all 4 turn? Really? Hard pass. NO CHAIR. ROXANE LEBRASSE, 4 chair turner, Team George A fun, lively audition, albeit unremarkable. Not sure if she deserves 4 chairs, but she's OK. NO CHAIR for me though. VIRGINIA LILLYE, Delta and George turn, Team George Token rocker chick, Aussies love their rockers on this show. Again, nothing really remarkable. NO CHAIR. JON WIZA, ALL-STAR, No chairs First All-Star of the season, he's from La Voz Colombia. Sadly, he wasn't at his A-game here. Very weak performance of a powerful song. NO CHAIR. JOSH PYWELL, Guy and Delta turned, Team Guy This is so weird. I actually liked the quality of his voice a lot, and I kinda like his workmanlike personality, but the performance was pure Kraft Mac and Cheese. Familiar and comfortable, but cloying. NO CHAIR. STELLAR PERRY, 4 chair turn, George BLOCKED, Team Delta Not a perfect performance by any means, but it's very heart-tugging and emotional. Very intriguing tone. Maybe stay away from GaGa so your vocals don't pale in comparison. But I am interested to see her take on better-fitting, but still resonant, songs. TURN FOR MJ! PERSONAL TEAM STANDINGS: 1. Stellar Perry (4 chairs, Team Delta) All-in-all, a decent premiere, nothing mindblowing, and not a good start to the All-Stars and Team Kelly, but I'm sure we'll see more of the classic TVAU drama and cheesiness later this week.
  16. Now you see why I don't watch live anymore. I'm already sick of them promoting Adam Ludewig all over social media, can we get new people please??
  17. And before y'all check, I already looked at Spotify just now and there are no song spoilers yet, so just hang tight.
  18. They do, although I'm pretty sure they just took the tracks from their TV performances and processed them to sound nicer. They can be seen on Spotify.
  19. In any case, just follow SnakeTV and OzTalent on YouTube, I think they posted full videos of TVAU artists including packages and coach reactions.
  20. Oh no, maybe they block VPNs now? Never tried it yet this season. I honestly don't understand why Voice franchises actively georestrict their videos when they know they have lots of international viewers.
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