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  1. I made those blind spoilers precisely to see how our perceptions of these contestants change when we go in truly blind, and I am glad it worked, LOL. Glad he won you over!
  2. I take umbrage with that since I think he's been a frontrunner all along , but maybe this is a hint that Blake will be the one to give him the song choice that will catapult him to the head of the pack. We can only hope.
  3. Why do I have a feeling you know something we don't regarding the 4-way KO results? I know Taryn was seen with Team Blake the day after the 4way KO was aired, but other than that I don't see any signs pointing to Taryn winning the KO. Is it just optimism?
  4. I think he joined the show precisely because he knows the pandemic will limit his chances at touring and performing live, and this is the next best thing. He's clearly very appreciative of the opportunity to sing for a wider audience in spite of COVID-19. I also liked that he chose Blake as his new coach in the POs because he wanted the opportunity to work with as many of the coaches as possible. Hopefully his new coach will be the one that sticks with him till the end!
  5. Haven't watched yet, so I'm locking in my guesses of Stuntman, Camp Counselor and Copycat Katy as singers.
  6. I would love that TBH, but I remembered Blake bussing Dana Harper during S11 with that song so I would be nervous if Sid gets that song.
  7. OMG Sid is definitely very aware of his chances on the show and he's trying to take out his biggest competition Love that Ian and Jim are in on the joke too! It's weird though that Sid did not get WTW in on the joke too.... Maybe because he knows WTW is his coach's fave? Who knows. I just hope people don't take these jokes too seriously. Vote for Sid y'all! And @Agggron, added ya! Welcome!
  8. I know the show moved to a new soundstage this season, but if it's gonna be anything like the previous one, I would imagine the singers with deeper voices would struggle in their first live performances. I can see Tamara, Ben, Ian, Ryan, Payge and maybe even Desz running into issues. As long as Carter doesn't reach puberty within the next few weeks, he'll be fine. Worth the Wait will struggle for sure, but I don't think it'll matter. I feel like Cami is benefitting a lot from the post production of the taped rounds, I hope she can actually project on a bigg
  9. I didn't watch live, but I think people saw a glimpse of a Blue Lives Matter flag in Tanner's pre-KO package or something?
  10. I will SQUEAL if anyone covers his songs on the show. I might even throw votes their way if it happens.
  11. He did well tonight! I think he stands a good chance at completing the Top 17! I have to say though, I hope Ryan is kidding about his recent IG poll. He would absolutely destroy his chances if he sings anything other than what's working for him right now. JMO.
  12. She deserved, TBH. She's actually really consistent so far.
  13. A piece of good news: There is still a Wildcard spot up for grabs in the event Sid doesn't get either the public vote or coach save! I think his chances at a WC are pretty good as opposed to a PV or CS. Doesn't mean we'll not do our darndest to vote for him, but it's nice to have a safety net.
  14. Tamara is the most appealing to the demo here, so she gets the PV. John H seems like John L's snowflake this season, so he gets CS.
  15. I think Desz has earned enough goodwill to sail through the PV. I am hoping she'll save Ryan, but I won't be surprised if she saves Tanner or Madeline.
  16. This one seems cut and dry... unless Gwen decides to pull an Adam and take Ben because he "attracts more votes" or something. But I think she's invested in Payge enough.
  17. I am praying Blake will surprise us and pick Sid as his CS, but I think WTW/Jim will get that PV.
  18. I swear I'm not anti-country! 20. Worth the Wait 19. Tanner Gomes 18. Ian Flanigan 17. Bailey Rae 16. Ben Allen Decent singers but have yet to wow me 15. Joseph Soul 14. Madeline Consoer 13. John Holiday 12. Tamara Jade 11. Taryn Papa 10. Larriah Jackson I want to like them more 09. Chloe Hogan 08. Cami Clune I actually liked everything they did on the show so far 07. Julia Cooper 06. Carter Rubin 05. Jim Ranger Extremely solid and consistent 04. Payge Turner 0
  19. I'm surprised Ryan is leading.... maybe it's just a recency bias. Carter is shaping up to be TPTB's golden boy IMO.
  20. https://trends.google.com/trends/explore?date=now 4-H&geo=US&q=ryan gallagher,larriah jackson,taryn papa,julia cooper
  21. 10. Ryan Gallagher - The Prayer 09. Desz - Unbreak My Heart 08. Carter Rubin - You Say 07. Kelsie Watts - I Dare You 06. Desz - Can We Talk 05. Sid Kingsley & Bailey Rae - Tennessee Whiskey 04. James Pyle - Watermelon Sugar 03. Ryan Gallagher - Time to Say Goodbye 02. Sid Kingsley - Don't Think Twice, It's Alright 01. Sid Kingsley - Make it Rain
  22. We stan The Voice for trolling IDF and making them think Taryn will close
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