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  1. This person posted a few pictures at the gala. Just her and friends. Maybe she'll post some of Scotty later. https://www.facebook.com/katinarankinofficial/
  2. I figured he'd be singing with a band (not dry county). They best run up the volume on Scotty's Mike.
  3. I doubt it. Maybe she sent the Instagram in the middle of the concert.
  4. Ha. Well the show supposedly started at 8.
  5. https://www.instagram.com/p/B6rh1JwlcZe/ One Instagram photo. I guess it's from tonight. kimvanhorn Lovin @scottymccreery Thanks for an awesome show!
  6. If I searched correctly, there only like 7 tickets left.
  7. So guess Scotty's amphitheaters are not with Chesney.
  8. just noticed Kenny Chesney just announced an amphitheater tour (hmmm) in addition to a stadium tour.
  9. I guess the summer tour he's on will interfere.
  10. I don't really know, but I should think they do stop for the holidays. Same reason as Mediabase. However maybe the video plays, spotify totals, etc. probably keep counting. Billboard just probably stops paying attention. lol.
  11. In this video you see Dylon and Justin in costume also.
  12. All sorts of stuff going on during FMM. https://www.instagram.com/p/B6FGJbsnmCN/
  13. Tom Duncan had a batman suit on in Nathan's Instagram.
  14. https://www.facebook.com/diana.turnbull.75/...82329501819430/ Santa
  15. on one Instagram The Lucid Dancers of Cinncy Ohio said they will be with Scotty at the Liberty bowl. Also on https://www.instagram.com/stories/kaitrose22/ she has two clips of Scotty, TII and CYON. They are about the 7th or 8th click .
  16. So far. We expect one more from the Seasons Change album. Don't know after that.
  17. Re: Sound check acoustic versions-- I suddenly got an email from Spotify notifying me about them. Lol (as if I didn't already know).
  18. LOVE this thread title! ( as if we could actually keep up with him)
  19. Don't have a place for this , but Scotty's FMM is one of the decades top 20 POP songs. Didn't know it was a POP song. http://www.riffmagazine.com/opinion/parrei...op-songs-2010s/
  20. On Twitter Lizzie Mat @LMatjeka Top 10 songs of 2019 in tonight’s Aircheck and look #4 #ThisIsIt ⁦@ScottyMcCreery congrats Scotty
  21. Good job! The sound and pictures were good. Thanks a million. That was just too much walking for me to go. Wish Scotty would come down for a real concert. However these acoustic shows really accent his voice. I guess the front section filled up after ya'll left. Or at least I hope so for Locash and Rodney A
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