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  1. You're tough!! Thanks for the recap. And safe travels to Va.
  2. I just want Scotty to have songs that don't struggle on the chart (just zip up it)
  3. Twice a Child https://www.facebook.com/angela.sabo.9/videos/3606854136053315/
  4. I'm sure that will be his single. I'm just a sucker for the heavy beat in Falling For A Stranger.
  5. @Mccreery02 · 8m 10 hours of driving was worth every second to watch @ScottyMcCreery play a sold out show at the freakin @theryman !!! Twice a Child is an unbelievable song and tonight’s show was one of the best I’ve ever been to. Proud of you always Scoot!
  6. This Instagram story has the two new songs https://www.instagram.com/stories/nashvillehk/ I like Falling For A Stranger for his next single. It's different.
  7. @brian_mansfield · 12m New song “Twice a Child” gets @ScottyMcCreery a standing ovation at @TheRyman
  8. There are some videos on WSG I can't post them. Another new song! This one got a standing O! https://www.facebook.com/melissa.bretherton/videos/10101922636912409/
  9. @brian_mansfield · 28m All @ScottyMcCreery ’s merch sales tonight will benefit Nashville tornado relief.
  10. Jewell Marie @_JewellMarie view for @ScottyMcCreery tonight at the sold out ryman show
  11. nathanthomasmusic Playing the Ryman is cool. But tonight, not only does @scottymccreery have a special shirt that goes to help tornado relief, he’s donating all Merch sales to that relief effort!
  12. Mike N Judy McCreery 5 hrs Part of the ABTours group who traveled from NC to see Scotty McCreery’s SOLD-OUT Ryman show tonite! Pic taken at Opryland Hotel’s Magnolia lobby! #Nashville2cScotty
  13. I'm not that savvy, but you can email them as an attachment. I've seen people use a phone screen to use boarding passes on flights so this should work. Hope someone else can be more knowledgeable than I am.
  14. For all you guys and gals heading to Nashville, safe travels and have a BLAST.
  15. Hi Lexien, oops ChristinaSi.
  16. Haha.. I thought it was Bristol TN. haha
  17. Saw this on Twitter. When is Scotty in Bristle? Tom brown @TomGoalie Tickets booked for @ScottyMcCreery in Bristol Buzzing!!!!!
  18. Checking back in to say @ScottyMcCreery was great! If you ever get the chance to see him...do. #FiveMoreMinutes will always make me tear up
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