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  1. I watched it. Unlike other years, as a whole I enjoyed it. I did get tired of all the "girl push" though. In one of the interviews Scotty said they had 11 pm bus call so no partying tonight.
  2. Did Scotty get an award tonight? The caption only talks about Dwight Yoakam
  3. Hope they replay it. Grandson came by and took up our attention. So I missed Scotty if he was first. Kelsea is on now.
  4. I'm not sure we need to recreate all threads, even if we could. It's nice you have so many photos. We can decide what's needed.
  5. Correct! Just because they can. It could have been a "worm" or such. Istersay said data disappeared when the last reply was posted. So that was a trigger. It may not have been an attack but it acted like it. Next question---will it happen again? We don't know how good IDF security is.
  6. To me it sounds like we have to retrieve whatever we can and save off this site to repost after the clean reboot. But I really don't know and I definitely don't know what the CACHE VIEWER SITE is or how to access it. Seems some info might be stored in the CACHE
  7. Creating new threads should be ok instead of putting all posts on this one. The old threads should be abandoned. For the time being, using Drdeb's example, we should save things on our hard drives if we don't want to lose it.
  8. I checked a Adam Lambert's and Phillip Phillips' and they also have no posts in their threads.
  9. Yep, I got the same message and this is the only thread with posts.
  10. I've been wondering. Looks like past post have disappeared. This post says Scotty PERFORMED. So is he in Nashville?
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