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  1. Angelique♡ @AngeliqueBushee Tonights @ScottyMcCreery concert at the Embassy Theater was amazing!
  2. A PRIVATE Twitter account?? Strange indeed.
  3. Yesterday I checked seats and there were not many available. Today a bunch are now available. Noticed the radio station is telling folks there a plenty of good seats available. ????
  4. Love it. I still really like Whiplash. Scotty was more animated then wasn't he.
  5. I'm guessing EPs don't count.
  6. stewart_hunter_mwr Hey Scotty McCreery fans! Exciting news! 200 concert tickets have just been donated for his concert tonight at 7:30 pm in Savannah at the Johnny Mercer Theater. Here are the details: -2 tickets per DOD ID card holder -Tickets are available for pick up starting today at 10 am at either Leisure Travel location I don't know what DOD is but they are trying ti full seats.
  7. I don't know if its the ACMs or the CMAs but one criteria is something about 3 albums. Russell certainly fits that. I bet Jordan also fits that. They may have to change that rule, since with the single driven atmosphere now,, there are many many that fit into that category.
  8. Hope the venue numbers are incomplete. But it is Thursday.
  9. kaitgedeon Came to gamble, ended up at a free concert #ScottyMcCreery #NotABadNight #ThisIsIt 11m
  10. Scotty beat Brett Young in the finals. QdR showed it live. It's up on WSG. Champ Scotty!
  11. ChrisYoungMusic @ChrisYoungMusic · 13m Just hanging out and watching @BrettYoungMusic @ScottyMcCreery @lindsayell and so many others play ping pong (yep... ping pong) and saw @CassadeePope !!!!!! Cheers #Nashville ChrisYoungMusic
  12. Exactly! However God bless them or we'd hear nothing.
  13. luke.hilliard I can’t believe we did it! We bought a house. I didn’t think not even a year into marriage we would even attempt this. We’ve been so blessed.
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