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  1. yahaira ♡ @bIankspacebabys · 48s scotty mccreery is so CUTE
  2. Video clip https://twitter.com/i/status/1203506374992379905 Liz #Texas #Shefani @LizJustLiz80 · 12m @ScottyMcCreery in the house!!!!! Jay @castillooo03 · 13m Scotty McCreery is performing and he is BEAUTIFUL y’all gigi @kaisoup77 · 5m You guys not here are missing out!!! @ScottyMcCreery is killing it here at the #KtexTenManJam South Texas #Mercedes Crowd loves him!! @FM100KTEX
  3. I heard them say a m&g win is for all artist. In other words, if you win one you get to meet all artists. Gaby @GMGarcia639 · 2m Okay @ScottyMcCreery is up next and my heart really can't take it They have videos of Carmichael and Thompson Square on their Facebook https://www.facebook.com/FM100ktex/
  4. KTEX was live on Facebook. This clip pans to see the crowd already. https://www.facebook.com/FM100ktex/videos/641274056410439/
  5. Gigi has special privileges and friends in high places looks like.
  6. MagicMike @IHEARTKAI7 · 1h Hurry up 840p .@ScottyMcCreery .@kaisoup77
  7. It's a loonnggggg day. The weather is perfect. Sunny and 75. (We're in a little coldsnap). Locash is really good in this setting. They really rev up the crowd. Last time Scotty was here he went on about 7:30. By the time he comes on, the crowd will be about 8000. People come and go. He's at the perfect time slot.
  8. Gigi will be there. Hope she does a recording or two. Today is Weslaco's 100 anniversary celebration. Parade was this morning. That's only 4 miles from the jam. That may cut into the crowd some because there are celebration plans all weekend. I am unable to attend either. Old age is gettin to me. Posted lineup. https://www.facebook.com/FM100ktex/photos/f...e=3&theater
  9. gigi @kaisoup77 Going to see this awesome country star today!! #KtexTenManJam!!! #MercedesTexas! @ScottyMcCreery In Between @FM100KTEX South Texas Country …
  10. video clips of TII and 5MM among others. posted by mariegrace.veres https://www.instagram.com/p/B5wD-oXgZmt/
  11. Shawn Gates says she shot some videos with Scotty. Guess we'll see them eventually.
  12. Ok, where's Scotty! This is the station's facebook https://www.facebook.com/98.5KYGO/ finally he appeared on the instagram story.
  13. You don't suppose Scotty flew from San Antonio to Nashville to Denver today?
  14. This format of jam is not the best imoo. One song, pass the baton, one song, pass the baton, etc.
  15. The 5th Scotty is in Denver. Has to be prerecorded.
  16. KTEX still shows Scotty at the jam on Dec 7th
  17. Looks like the update worked fine.
  18. So the update will happen when it happens. Lol.
  19. jerszygirl picture and two video clips https://www.instagram.com/p/B5eh7D8noh5/
  20. BigL is rented. The company will just repair or replace her. Rent would be the same.
  21. I'm guessing this is acoustic. Or is the whole entourage traveling for one show. The promo is making a big deal of this for an acoustic show.
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