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  1. https://www.facebook.com/diana.turnbull.75/...82329501819430/ Santa
  2. on one Instagram The Lucid Dancers of Cinncy Ohio said they will be with Scotty at the Liberty bowl. Also on https://www.instagram.com/stories/kaitrose22/ she has two clips of Scotty, TII and CYON. They are about the 7th or 8th click .
  3. So far. We expect one more from the Seasons Change album. Don't know after that.
  4. Re: Sound check acoustic versions-- I suddenly got an email from Spotify notifying me about them. Lol (as if I didn't already know).
  5. LOVE this thread title! ( as if we could actually keep up with him)
  6. Don't have a place for this , but Scotty's FMM is one of the decades top 20 POP songs. Didn't know it was a POP song. http://www.riffmagazine.com/opinion/parrei...op-songs-2010s/
  7. On Twitter Lizzie Mat @LMatjeka Top 10 songs of 2019 in tonight’s Aircheck and look #4 #ThisIsIt ⁦@ScottyMcCreery congrats Scotty
  8. Good job! The sound and pictures were good. Thanks a million. That was just too much walking for me to go. Wish Scotty would come down for a real concert. However these acoustic shows really accent his voice. I guess the front section filled up after ya'll left. Or at least I hope so for Locash and Rodney A
  9. Instagram clip. FMM 84alien69 @itsyesenia_yasmine for you https://www.instagram.com/p/B5y8zxIAnIh/ SYT joselinecastillo79 Having a great time @scottymccreery #scottymccreery #ktextenmanjam2019 https://www.instagram.com/p/B5y5XieAlTR/
  10. gigi @kaisoup77 In Between ⁦@ScottyMcCreery ⁩ Crowd is full of love for Scotty!!! #KtexTenManJam
  11. yahaira ♡ @bIankspacebabys · 48s scotty mccreery is so CUTE
  12. Video clip https://twitter.com/i/status/1203506374992379905 Liz #Texas #Shefani @LizJustLiz80 · 12m @ScottyMcCreery in the house!!!!! Jay @castillooo03 · 13m Scotty McCreery is performing and he is BEAUTIFUL y’all gigi @kaisoup77 · 5m You guys not here are missing out!!! @ScottyMcCreery is killing it here at the #KtexTenManJam South Texas #Mercedes Crowd loves him!! @FM100KTEX
  13. I heard them say a m&g win is for all artist. In other words, if you win one you get to meet all artists. Gaby @GMGarcia639 · 2m Okay @ScottyMcCreery is up next and my heart really can't take it They have videos of Carmichael and Thompson Square on their Facebook https://www.facebook.com/FM100ktex/
  14. KTEX was live on Facebook. This clip pans to see the crowd already. https://www.facebook.com/FM100ktex/videos/641274056410439/
  15. Gigi has special privileges and friends in high places looks like.
  16. MagicMike @IHEARTKAI7 · 1h Hurry up 840p .@ScottyMcCreery .@kaisoup77
  17. It's a loonnggggg day. The weather is perfect. Sunny and 75. (We're in a little coldsnap). Locash is really good in this setting. They really rev up the crowd. Last time Scotty was here he went on about 7:30. By the time he comes on, the crowd will be about 8000. People come and go. He's at the perfect time slot.
  18. Gigi will be there. Hope she does a recording or two. Today is Weslaco's 100 anniversary celebration. Parade was this morning. That's only 4 miles from the jam. That may cut into the crowd some because there are celebration plans all weekend. I am unable to attend either. Old age is gettin to me. Posted lineup. https://www.facebook.com/FM100ktex/photos/f...e=3&theater
  19. gigi @kaisoup77 Going to see this awesome country star today!! #KtexTenManJam!!! #MercedesTexas! @ScottyMcCreery In Between @FM100KTEX South Texas Country …
  20. video clips of TII and 5MM among others. posted by mariegrace.veres https://www.instagram.com/p/B5wD-oXgZmt/
  21. Shawn Gates says she shot some videos with Scotty. Guess we'll see them eventually.
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