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  1. Some station wait for top twenty. smh
  2. Since I seem to not be able to access iTunes anymore, I purchased a mp3 of IB from Amazon. iTunes doesn't like my old OS on my laptop and it will not install on my tablet. Bye, bye iTunes.
  3. If radio stations chose to play this acoustic recording, would it count as a spin? Just curious
  4. Ha it tells me there is an error in the iTunes store, try later. So I'll try later.
  5. I have trouble navigating iTunes. Where do I look for it? playlist? store?
  6. I guess we need a couple more threads, like off topic, calendar. we'll need a 2020 calendar soon. Maybe just 2020 with Dec 2019 on it would do.
  7. We'll probably see some audience video later. Unless they forbid them. Hum. Maybe they have other plans for all videos. (I hope) Mike n Judy posted something on their Facebook. But not Scotty.
  8. It's interesting that IB is ranking higher on Billboard than Mediabase. It's usually the opposite on Scotty's other songs.
  9. Thanks for the report. I fully understand the reason for you "private" status. I'll send a request. Again thank you.
  10. I'm guessing Scotty will go on bout 9. Well Riley Green has been on for a while so Scotty may come on about 8:45
  11. Betty Holt @granma2bleuwolf Pensacola is so excited for @ScottyMcCreery . Theatre is filled to the bream
  12. Most of the charity/radio shows are. AND that's a longgggg way from DFW
  13. Cat Country 98.7 is at Saenger Theatre. 48 mins · Pensacola, FL · People already lined up and ready for #MiracleOnPalafox2019
  14. Angela said she took videos and will post later.
  15. Info says this theater holds 6300 + people. Good crowd. And they let people stand up front.
  16. alfarb @scottymccreery and @alfarb Then And Now!
  17. George Strait https://www.instagram.com/p/B4846aHgeOq/
  18. The Instagram story has Scotty doing FI with baloons
  19. I would think we would have seen a tweet from our ladies at the concert. Maybe they are at a m&g. Hope this theater doesn't block signals.
  20. Lol. I DID say about. I bet it will actually be 10 before they go on.
  21. Odd... Newsboys at The Theatre at Grand Prairie on 16th November 6:00 Also saw in the search there are a zillion concerts in DFW area tonight. (For those who don't know, Newsboys are a Christian rock group)
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