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  1. Garth & Trisha are finally in the top 30. Jansen & LBT, recent Opry inductees, have both struggled on the chart. Maybe an induction isn't such a great thing.
  2. This was really great. Now that is a professional interview.
  3. We did lose the drizzle before we got to Denali though.
  4. We cruised there, sailing July 4th, & caught a lot of drizzle.
  5. Maybe they get the choice. Don't bother about fans.
  6. Yep! A far piece away. lol. June is supposed to be the best weather in Anchorage. It starts raining in July.
  7. Are you sure that's not Scotty? After I listened several times I thought it was him.
  8. I guess you all know Luke Bryon has Covid.
  9. I'm sure. San Antonio & Nashville are on the same time.
  10. The special sauce became the "awesome sauce" today.
  11. Savannah's Instagram story has a picture of the pick she caught.
  12. He gave us a good view of the crowd enjoying themselves
  13. They are on Mt time. So guess that's right.
  14. As per Nathan's Instagram the bus in on the way. Looks like they are on I-70. Luke's story shows most of them at Caesar's Palace Vegas. (minus Nathan & Mike) I didn't recognize the guy on the right.
  15. I tuned in as his interview was on. Very disappointing he didn't do YT
  16. Lol, does any other artist get their picture taken more?
  17. I wonder if Scotty or other artists are able to charge their usual fees with the much smaller crowds? This a lonnngggg bus ride.
  18. Could it be spelled r-e-c-a-l-l?
  19. I was thinking the same thing. I have a non-wealthy retiree friend North of San Francisco. It's been hellish-wildfire smoke, electric failures, can't go anywhere, etc. She is on a teacher's retirement. If the state goes bankrupt things could really get bad.
  20. We couldn't hope for much better from a concert. Good videos! Re: the lights-- I think it was the lasers + that were missing. Some venues don't allow then or they just didn't work.
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