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  1. Lol since when is Take Me To Church a bad song choice. I still think he's getting PV.
  2. Oh I didn't know that. Then Billie is more likely now! I don't wanna get my hopes up, but I think this would be the right move.
  3. This is such a non-issue lol, but I literally watched it a second ago..."after the nation wide vote, in no particular order, live coast to coast." But even if he didn't, trust me, they are not causally revealing voting orders. Even if she was 1st, it's not like she won the show. We still have two weeks of voting. Don't get complacent.
  4. He did but either way they are never going to outright reveal the voting order.
  5. She put together an Instagram collage of women who inspire for international women's day about two months ago (it's still up). It has Gwen Stefani, Stevie Nicks, Alanis Morrissette, Avril Lavigne, Taylor Momsen, Amy Winehouse, Billie Eilish. I'm kind of hoping for Billie. It would be more contemporary. I could see "No Time to Die" working. The problem with Billie is she has a lot of songs that don't work and I don't trust Casey to avoid those songs lol.
  6. Lmao I remember everyone coming at Haley cause I think she did a nervous laugh when Pia got eliminated and people turned that into she was laughing at Pia going home That's how petty it was. Everyone is pretty respectful nowadays. We say our piece and move on.
  7. Meh not really in my experience. Grace is more digestible. Like she's the go-to for people who don't feel strongly about anyone else. She's sings the ballads and hits the high notes we are used to. She's the pop/R&B female contender that IDF can usually get behind. I just don't think she has a vocal fanbase the way Casey does. It's kind of the same thing with Willie I feel. Casey, I think, is more polarizing. A lot of people that really love her and a lot people that are just straight up not a fan. In a lot of the ranking threads, she can go from people #1 to near the bottom for others. Honestly IDF is very peaceful nowadays. Back in the day, these boards were a war-zone. I remember season 10 lmao.
  8. I love Casey to death, but this week was not it. She basically threw away a week (for no reason tbh. A lot of choices that could've been avoided). Could bite her in the butt next week. Her song choices have to be on point next week.
  9. I guess the audience voted for Casey, Chayce, Grace, Willie, and Caleb due to sympathy, just like they did with Just Sam hehe...
  10. Idk hopefully you are right! Everyone is singing emotional songs (expecting a few tears) and she's singing that. I'm just nervous lol. I hope she nails it.
  11. We need it there because it's not a vote-getter imo. We need people to vote based on previous performances lmao. Yeah Coldplay first and mother's day is second But idk...it seems plausible. Hunter, Grace, and Arthur were the last to perform last week. It would be Hunter's first time opening. Grace has already opened. The rest sort of make sense. Between the other four, Casey has gone the longest without closing and I don't think anyone is going "hmmm let's put Caleb last" lmao.
  12. The order on the latest instagram post could potentially be the order of performances 1. Hunter 2. Grace 3. Arthur 4. Caleb 5. Willie 6. Chayce 7. Casey
  13. Oh...I'm sure idol has something written like that, but they are not going to put themselves on the line for a situation they created (i.e Arthur possibly winning). I think they were okay with that outcome when they invited him to return.
  14. Wait what lmao. When did this happen?
  15. Not sure how When We Were Young is an odd choice. Simple Man is literally a song about a mother talking to her son lol. Cade sang it a couple seasons back. I agree about Ironic though. I don't think mother day songs have to be that "on the nose." It becomes too corny when this happens.
  16. Yeah but my point is they aren't gonna put him back into the competition and then go through the trouble of doing all that when it's a situation they could've avoided all together. That's just stupid lol. Also not sure how they can tweak song choices. One thing I can say about new-idol, or idol in general, is that they seem to let the contestants pick their own songs. This isn't The Voice lol. I think the new voting method makes it that such tactics such as edits etc. don't really work. Anyway, I don't think he is gonna win. Last season was his for the taking and someone like Just Sam won (a minority female contestant). He was dominating social media and this season they are a few people doing better than him there. In addition, I've seen a lot of "it's not fair he's back" comments so those will probably work against him as well.
  17. Tweaking votes is illegal. They were well aware of the possibility of him winning when they let him rejoin the competition. Not sure why they would rig the votes to avoid a situation they put upon themselves. If the comeback contestant was never supposed to win, they wouldn't have let a runner-up re-compete. They would've restricted it to the people outside the top 10. They weighed the pros and cons and concluded that Arthur rejoining, and possibly winning, was worth whatever "backlash" would come from it. These shows have survived worse. People would be mad about it for 2 seconds then go about their lives.
  18. Well apparently Just Sam won due to sympathy so Arthur should have no problem winning on his second attempt.
  19. Not Sarah's Amazing Grace causing such a ruckus. I actually listen to the studio version fairly often (I oddly love it) , but it is such a random and unimportant performance in the grand scheme of things I'm surprised it has garnered such a strong reaction on here. I'm surprised people even remember it enough to hate it lol. I don't even remember people loving it like that for it to be considered overrated. I didn't care for the live performance though. Anyways, I think Cam's knockout (Feeling Good) is overrated. Someone said he is a "once in every couple of seasons" kind of contestant and I'm like whatever y'all say lol
  20. She is one of my favorites, but Casey has the worse set by far. What was she thinking, especially since a lot of the others decided to pick strong choices this week. YIKES. Not really the week to be off imo. It's funny because the set that I had in mind for her got taken by two other contestants. Early this week, I was thinking Violet Hill and You're So Beautiful. Alas... When We Were Young is exactly what Grace needs. It doesn't have too many high notes so we don't have to worry about her completely missing one or two of them...its subtle and then builds to the high note at the end. She should do well with it. I'm bored with Willie and Arthur (but that's nothing new) at this point... The rest are more or less what you'd expect.
  21. Angie did one original song in Hollywood week? Not sure she ever did a second original song. Old idol never let people perform original songs during the live shows. Honestly, I personally don't care for her songs this week, especially Ironic, but Casey usually does well vocally so hopefully she can at least sing them well. I wish she got violet hill. She would have really killed that. I do think she is safe this week though. It's the top 5 --> 3 I would worry about. And I agree, original songs isn't an automatic ticket imo. The song has to be good. But either way go all out with the voting this week.
  22. I know? Scott Borchetta was mentioned in the post I replied to. I guess I could've been clearer but I thought it could be inferred.
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