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  1. They really put Arthur back in the competition...one pandemic at a time please
  2. I like she is more subtle...for Alyssa standards at least. Kind of sleepy, but you could argue every performance has had this issue. Nvm we got to the second half...but honestly kind of glad she went for it because it would have been extremely boring otherwise.
  3. I've seen this a million times from Chayce. All Luke could muster up is "It's so you." lol.
  4. I personally think she can sing anything, but you can feel her passion with the rock songs. You get the sense she enjoys that more. You can tell she's sort of phoning it in with these songs the last two weeks. Yet, even her phoning it in is still levels above some of the other contestants.
  5. They don't want Casey to runaway with this competition. I'm convinced jk...
  6. AHHAAA I love her! Some of the middle notes weren't perfect but I think it added to the emotional aspect of the performance. It felt raw. I loved her head voice.
  7. So Mother's Day and Cold Play? Idk how I feel about it. These themes suck.
  8. Yeah but three are going home and the threshold for survival gets higher and higher each week. At some point, he's social media numbers are bound to catch up to him.
  9. I think it's the order of the number...so 7. I actually think the two or so spots before the last are the best with this voting method. Grace is last
  10. I think this is it for Deshawn...it's been the same thing for weeks now and he's not among those that can get away with it.
  11. Boring...ironically Zoanette's version is still one of my favorites. It was at least interesting lol. This performance was down there with "Wind Beneath My Wings."
  12. Me too. I just knew she was gonna growl her way through it lol
  13. I can barely see his eyes...it was typical Caleb. Wasn't bad, wasn't exactly great either.
  14. Remember Me is barely a minute long so I'm confused what Arthur is about to do lol. I guess keep repeating "Remember Me."
  15. Me too. Honestly I'm hoping for a little more subtly this week. Last week was a step in a right direction, but I'm hoping tonight is more acoustic and intimate and she keeps the high notes to a minimum. Interested in seeing if she is able to sustain the head voice notes in the song.
  16. I mean it's Disney. Not sure what else she's supposed to sing lol. Honestly I feel like this show is going to be similar to the "Oscar-nominated songs" show. They should've done one or the other and not both, especially back to back...and then next week is Mother's Day theme so there's a high possibility that most, including Casey, will stick to ballads once again unless they get to sing two songs and the second theme is more broad.
  17. She is singing "When She Loved Me" from Toy Story
  18. Not really how I see it. Louis couldn't survive a top 7 ---> top 5 2-person elimination and then Arthur went on to beat 3 of the people who ousted him (Louis). The gap b/w Arthur and Louis (and the other competitors) was just way too big. It's like we are forgetting the fact that Arthur was close to winning last season. Arthur could've stood on stage for 3 minutes and won the comeback round.
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