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  1. Yeah I don't know who is leaving tonight. My gut is saying Casey cause she doesn't fall into any archetype. Either way, proud of her. She did her thing tonight.
  2. Willie about to give us his 10th performance of diamonds?
  3. I guess she sang it for her very very first audition (before the TV audition). I think it was confusing cause Casey sang Live Wire for both auditions.
  4. She hasn't done it this season so I don't see how it would be a reprise performance for her. I think she's doing "Father"?
  5. We are gonna run out of time...where are the performances lmao
  6. Lowkey that might have saved her because others are picking moment type songs and she picks "wish you were gay."
  7. I'm kind of glad Casey single ended when it did because it sounded like it was going to veer into trainwreck territory. Live Wire was great. I wasn't sure about it, but she gave it everything.
  8. Damn Grace carrying. She's lowkey singing circles around Willie.
  9. I love The Voice, but the show is more about the judges so not suprised
  10. My Funny Valentine would have been a nice contrast to her uptempo single...Casey is allergic to good decisions
  11. Well, he needs to...song write and leave the singing to her.
  12. Well you need to tell him that cause I don't think he's gotten the hint.
  13. I would die!! The fourth round has been very hush hush. No one has talked about it. My Funny Valentine would be the best move.
  14. Posted in the spoiler thread as well, but The order on instagram is Chayce --> Casey --> Willie --> Grace so if they go in the reverse order of their Instagram post like they did last week, then this week order should be: 1. Grace 2. Willie 3. Casey 4. Chayce ???
  15. The order on instagram is Chayce -- Casey -- Willie -- Grace so if they go in the reverse like last week, then 1. Grace 2. Willie 3. Casey 4. Chayce ???
  16. What's the obsession with "The Dance." I didn't know that song was the go-to for a moment. Anyways, this is around the time where people get creative with the hypotheticals
  17. The same numbers Pete was looking at when he assumed he was safe
  18. She's 16 lol. Casey is not even struggling though? She's performed extremely well through-out the competition, at least imo and the overall reception to her. Idk OP's comments toward her are always targeted and pointed. It's like dang...we heard it the first ten times lmao. There's this "how dare a 15 year old sing (hard) rock music" mentality that clouds people judgement of Casey because she has shown a professionalism and connection to lyrics (not perfect by any means) than most young contestants I remember. She can enjoy and choose to singing rock music. Rock Music is not coveted or untouchable. It's like people want her to sing the ABC's because she's 16. I feel like 15 year old contestants who sing (trivial) pop music don't get such comments nearly as much. I mean we could make a case for all young artists across the Voice and American Idol not being ready then including Ava August, Hunter (he literally cried on stage because he forgot his lyrics) etc. For whatever reason, the eligibility age range swings that low. At the end of the day, it's a singing competition and learning experience. Idol is not catapulting the winners, or anyone tbh, to stardom anymore so they will probably have to still spend their post-idol building their fanbase and figuring out what works. I'm not sure why Casey has to have it all figured out right now. She can use her experience on idol to define her musical identity in the future. A lot of young artists came on the show but still improve and continue growing post-idol. I have followed Lauren Alaina's career. She was 15 on the show and it took her many years to establish herself the way she has in the country scene. I'm not even sure how much the experience is helping the other contestants. Grace is all over the place with song choices. She had to be talked into singing "Fix You" last week. She's singing Kelly Clarkson's coronation single this week...like wtf lol. Willie has spent the entire competition singing ballads by female singers. Hardly marketable. Only Chayce seems to have a clear point of view. Everyone's entitled to their opinion, it's just hard to take anything OP says as objective when it comes to her. It's like they already had their mind made up awhile ago.
  19. I meant they did away with it as a voting method because the # of downloads were getting lower and lower that they became insignificant. I should have been clearer. They started using Apple music streams for votes. I did not know they actually stopped putting the songs on iTunes all together.
  20. No one buys singles anymore and people are barely buying albums unless you are like Taylor Swift. I'm surprised iTunes is still a thing. They have been talking about phasing it out for years now. The Voice did away with it many seasons ago. Streaming is the now the major method of consumption. It would take, like what, 50 copies to get to wherever Grace is on the charts (the 100s). I mean it's cute to track it, but definitely don't freak out over iTunes in 2021 lmao.
  21. You don't know how WYWG is gonna go over with the audience, but want her to sing Bad Guy? Billie barely sings in that song lol.
  22. This doesn't make sense because the Chris Stapleton song that the idolpad has Chayce singing is different from the one he sang in showstopper round. They usually save the reprise performance for the finale. I was thinking they might have all the contestants sing an extra song to make up for Caleb not being there. However, other than Grace's live, there has been no word on a 3rd solo round.
  23. OP seems to take issue with everything Casey lmao. Not surprising. Never seems to be objective when it comes to her. Not sure why they bother with anything she does. Seems to have a personal issue with her "not being ready," whatever that means. I like Casey and Grace's singles. I think Casey has strong verses. The chorus gets a bit repetitive, but she sings it well so I don't mind it as much. I like Grace's vocals on the "Cause when you love somebody, love someone." It's very "coronation song" sounding though. Chayce has a nice chorus. The weakest verses by far though. I like some of the choices he makes stylistically. Willie's is the most "coronation song" sounding. It has the least mainstream appeal though. It's low key boring too. It is probably the most appropriate for the idol stage, but that's as far as it goes. It's also really short. It's shorter than Casey and Caleb's by a whole minute. If it was based on what fits into the current music scene 1. Casey 2. Grace (I'll say it is probably the most interesting vocally by far) 3. Chayce (aligns with Country/Folk music) 4. Willie None of them are bad compared to some of the original songs of old-idol. Nothing spectacular but I had my bar (expectations) starting in hell lol. Tried to be as objective as possible.
  24. I always find it odd to sing coronation songs unironically. The songs are so corny and only work in a specific context or moment in time, the winning moment. Someone else choosing to sing one is...a choice.
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