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  1. He was never going to win anyway and I'm pretty sure everybody knows that. That wouldn't be allowing him to "get away" with anything, everybody makes mistakes and does silly things when they're young that really don't need to be brought to people's attention, most of all when you're in the spotlight on a tv show. You're saying that his career won't be ruined, but you can damn well bet it'll hold him back. And lmao what on earth does Nicole have to do with any of this?
  2. Oh I knew he would get disqualified for Idol's reputation alone more than anything else. Let's think about it from his view though--he was a young boy who made a video with somebody else wearing this shirt. His career doesn't deserve to get ruined for that.
  3. I'd say no that's dumb to disqualify him for something like this, but if it means Hunter can return then sure.
  4. Lmaooo wtf is this? I'm so down for this if Hunter comes back!!!
  5. 1. Hunter Metts 2. Grace Kinstler 3. Casey Bishop 4. Caleb Kennedy 5. Willie Spence 6. Chayce Beckham 7. Arthur Gunn
  6. 1. Hunter Metts 2. Casey Bishop 3. Grace Kinstler 4. Cassandra Coleman 5. Caleb Kennedy 6. Willie Spence 7. DeShawn Goncalves 8. Chayce Beckham 9. Alyssa Wray
  7. Omg Hunter's song choice is perfecttt Alex Preston sang it too and it was amazing, so I'm really excited for this!!!
  8. 1. Hunter Metts 2. Ava August 3. Grace Kinstler 4. Casey Bishop 5. Cassandra Coleman 6. Willie Spence 7. Caleb Kennedy 8. DeShawn Goncalves 9. Beane 10. Madison Watkins 11. Chayce Beckham 12. Alyssa Wray God this top 12 is absolutely tragic overall lmao. It had so much potential as well
  9. Casey is good but... I really can't imagine her winning at all. Chayce probably... and if not, then Willie.
  10. Oh my gosh... that might have been my favourite performance of his so far!!! Amazing!!!
  11. It was probably Cassandra's worst night, but I'd be surprised if she was eliminated tbh.
  12. I'm not a fan of any of those 3, but tbh Cecil is probably the better option.
  13. Loved her performances this week!! I'm actually quite hopeful that she'll make it through to the next round
  14. Add me please, she's amazing!! "Driver's License" was definitely my favourite from her so far.
  15. Idk how come I never saw this thread before, but Avery was my favourite since auditions. His battle was great and he sounded amazing (but I knew Blake would choose Ethan lol). So happy that Kelsea/Kelly saved him
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