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  1. Exactly my point. He knows how to make it work, but the songs he gave Ricky except Let It Be were not competition-friendly. He had to know that, he's the shrewdest coach lol.
  2. I didn't mean a whole song using falsetto lol. I know it sends people packing. But he hardly sang a few notes in falsetto the whole season. He could've used it more often as a spice.
  3. With appropriate competition-friendly songs, they'd have had a shot at getting bonuses too. Blake for sure is a master at finding the right songs to get the audience going. This season, he didn't do that.
  4. It would explain a lot. Like why Blake came up with a lame excuse to explain why he didn't turn for Jake (he's turned for much worse), why nobody else turned, why Blake got rid of all of his country artists one way or the other, why he waited for the semis to finally give Ricky a competition-friendly song, why Katie got songs that would invariably make people call her screamer, why she never got the pimp spot after the POs, why she opened twice, why the wtf covers in the finals for Katie and Ricky. Meanwhile Jake was getting competition-friendly songs the whole time and racking up bonuses. The votes showed Rose was no threat, so a second pimp spot couldn't hurt. Did I forget anything?
  5. I think the season was always meant for Kelly to win, after she got shut out of the finals last season.
  6. It's good news for them. They'll get streamed at least when they come out with new stuff. Not that they'll get rich from that, but it's also a great platform to keep in touch with the fans.
  7. A word that often comes up in YT comments about Jake is "nostalgia." That's great for the fans I suppose, but career wise? Maybe Jake will be lucky and classic country--if that's what it's called--will make a come back just in time for him to jump on board that train. Is it true Chevel never got signed? What's Kelly gonna do with Jake? He's sure to appear on her show. No idea how much impact her show has. At least he scored the $100k, so he didn't waste his time.
  8. Couldn't find Maelyn's cover, wondered why. :ermm: Alrighty then
  9. Hear, hear! I'm gonna be pissed if a fav of mine picks him next season (if I watch)...
  10. So Ricky can rock the falsetto as well. What else can he do that Blake decided not to showcase on the show? s8dai5V-WXs
  11. From the comments I read, she has her fansite and street teams rock the vote and the streams for her team 24/7. This is organized as a serious business, so any top contestant of hers in any genre will always be a major threat. Which reminds me... where's tidetoit? Did they change their username maybe? o:)
  12. Yeah, a true upset would've been Ricky winning. He was assured to be 3rd at worst. He ended up one spot higher, but in retrospect, that's bc he broke away in the semis with "Let It Be" and then with his original in the finals. That's what got him lots of extra votes imo, those last two weeks. He peaked at the right time. One more week and he might have overthrown the Hoot. Let that sink in. :shifty:
  13. tbh, I think IDF was tripping. Almost everywhere else Jake was seen as the frontrunner/winner. They factored in how polarizing Katie was.
  14. :o Didn't she say somewhere she always gets it wrong?
  15. The ones I still remember: 1. Ricky-A Woman Like Her 2. Max-When the Party's Over 3. Ricky-Let It Be 4. Mendel-Girl from North Country 5. Rose-I Want to Know What Love Is 6. Ricky-River I'll add more later
  16. Just saw your Maya pic on the previous page.
  17. He won't get country contestants, so there's a good chance. I'm expecting alt/folk/indie rockers for him. What's not to like? TPTB better start brainstorming their ignominous traps for a Nick win. :shifty: You just ruined my S18 daydream. :|
  18. Yes. YT is useless. If there's no geo restriction on some videos, then we can assume a lot of those views come from overseas, and don't translate into votes. Even if they're geo-restricted, I'm willing to bet a good percentage of those who watch the videos don't follow the show live, and don't vote. It's obvious from many of the comments (asking about Adam's team-lol, not knowing who's in whose team or who's already been eliminated etc.)
  19. >.< Are they trying hard to make me go back to AI? If AI has decent contestants who don't require too much of a growth arc, I just might. The Voice gets you used to seasoned contestants, so it's hard for me to go back to "potential," waiting for the caterpillar to turn into a butterfly.
  20. That'll work too. He'll get contestants in the genres I like. They certainly could use the extra push from TPTB. Even then...
  21. Next season, if I don't have a top fav on Kelly's original team (saves don't count! RIP Max) I won't even bother. o:)
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