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  1. Yeah, it's obvious to me Todd will win, unless he bombs real bad, and even then. Blakers are hungry for a Blake win, and will do whatever it takes to give their master the win. Thunderboy would need the perfect set to even stand a chance. In the end, it won't matter. Todd will go the way of all the other winners... nowhere.
  2. You're right! I checked out his thread, and yeah, they are the most enthusiastic, although the sudden, unexplained love for Micah here might change that. Spam much?
  3. His fan thread here has 19 pages, the longest fan thread at IDF this season, so I'd say he's pretty popular. In comparison, Thunderboy's thread has 4 pages! I don't care for Todd at all, but he's pandering to minivan, and it seems to work.
  4. Wow, MTE! But he seems to be minivan's fav, so I won't be surprised if he ends up winning.
  5. The Voice by far. Idol started out OK but is boring now. And The Voice has a kickass Top 9!
  6. He's so gifted! That whistling was a touch of genius, and he never disappoints. I'd be so pissed if he doesn't make it. But he will. #raspyvoicesucker
  7. Not giving up yet, but true, there are some warning signs. And not sure they won't eff up with Thunderboy either. The show has a bad track record when it comes to indie-alt-folk AA males. Next thing ya know they'll have him sing Percy Sledge. Matt Schuler anyone? Hopefully the season will surprise us in a good way.
  8. I'm way behind, so sorry if this is old news. Just found out that Thunderboy wasn't Team John anymore. Can't stand John, he's a lazy lousy coach. No idea how Nick will be, but I doubt he can be worse, plus he has the "new coach" title going for him so hopefully viewers will be more forgiving. Anywaze. Granted, I still have a lot of catching up to do, but rn it sure looks like S16 redux.
  9. Depends if he makes the lives with the "right" coach.
  10. OK, add me TA. If he passes the no-autotune test later, he could be a contender.
  11. That's a tough one. I'll have to sleep on it before I can answer that. (j/k)
  12. Thx for the tip. First time checking out the new board. I'll figure it out eventually.
  13. To think I was just checking in to find out what I missed. Hmmm... PS: I miss the old emoticons. The new ones are ugly af.
  14. Heh. Even if it ends up being true, they'll be fodder and/or country. Male indie/alt rockers have zero chance of ever winning the show. They can't even make the finals anymore (Britton was classic rock.) Expecting the string of pretty young white females to restart in 3... 2... 1. You're welcome.
  15. S3 was a huge clue, sure, but there was still some semblance of actual "competition" remaining. Let's say that went out the door as well more and more offensively with the seasons. When the former AI producer--who was fired by AI lol-- joined the ranks, it reached the point of no return, and was forever doomed.
  16. Kelly is an exceptional singer/performer, but I don't like her as a coach and TV personality. I'm beginning to miss the days when Blake was the top dawg. Who knew? :ermm:
  17. I agree. John feels disconnected from his artists. He can really get into some performances, but at the personal level, I don't see it either.
  18. ^You got me curious so I checked (I know, it's wiki, but they must get some things right some of the time, right?) "The Kelly Clarkson Show is an American television variety talk show hosted by American singer Kelly Clarkson. The show also features segments about "everyday people".[2] Produced and distributed by NBCUniversal Television, it premiered on September 9, 2019, in first-run syndication. NBC Owned Television Stations serves as the show's major affiliate base, and on those stations, it is positioned as a lead-in to The Ellen DeGeneres Show on most stations that broadcast the latter, or a centerpiece program leading into local afternoon newscasts.[1] The series also airs the same day on Bravo as part of its overnight programming, and NBC stations and affiliates carrying Kelly also have the option to carry a late night repeat in lieu of an encore of Today with Hoda & Jenna. "
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