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  1. Don’t Wally, Dee, and Victoria vote to save between me and QK?
  2. Yes @totes4totes you are left with Silence vs. Don Jon
  3. About 5 more hours (though you can have an extension @totes4totes) Burning (Beoning) The Perfection Raw Frank Love & Friendship Incendies My Life as a Zucchini Silence Don Jon Paddington 2 @Steven_ @.Rei @aliasocfan @*Chris
  4. Natalie Cole The fact that I have to cut Natalie Cole is an unforgivable sin that will be dealt with accordingly. However, Deena is Survivor's original HBIC and after the slander I was just forced to read about her I could not sit idly by. Natalie is easily one of Survivor's best pre-mergers ever though. David vs. Goliath is the best season of the 30's for many reasons, and Natalie's presence for five episodes is one of those reasons. She is a no-nonsense leader who is ready to trample anyone who gets in her way. She makes a wonderful first impression on the tribe by barking specific orders to each and every Goliath on how they should be contributing to camplife while making minimal contributions herself . Natalie doesn't mean to turn people off though, she just has literally no idea how to interact with people (which makes her such a special character). Natalie was lucky that Goliath won the first two immunity challenges because she really could have been in trouble early on. Jeremy clued Natalie in that she may be rubbing people the wrong way on the tribe, as an attempt to look out for the other black castaway. What does Natalie proceed to do? She confronts every single Goliath, demanding to know where she stands with them . This annoys Jeremy who realizes he should not have tried to rock the boat and help Natalie. Angelina decides she must save our heroine though and turns the tribe against Jeremy. Jeremy starts gunning for Natalie, hard but Natalie will not stand for it! Natalie drops some Natalie Napalm in Jeremy's eyes and disposes of him immediately (also delivering one of my favorite voting confessionals in Survivor history) Natalie makes it to the swap and is swapped with a Goliath majority! We have hope! Natalie, Angelina, and Mike could've won the game and we should've had that legendary final three instead of Nick there instead . But alas, it was not meant to be. What does Natalie do with her Goliath majority? She isolates Lyrsa and Nick and refuses to even interact with them because it's completely pointless . Natalie goes out with a bang though! "Jackets and Eggs" is one of my favorite Survivor episodes ever! How did two completely random objects become the title of a Survivor episode? Natalie delivering in spades due to two separate incidents involving these objects of course. First there was the fight over eggs with Lyrsa as Natalie attempts to teach Lyrsa (a chef and culinary student) how to make eggs . It's the ridiculous and petty fights like this that I miss in current Survivor, it's so rare we get a fight so trivial like this one (which is why Natalie is so special). Then of course #JacketGate, which I'm sure is what more people remember. While I fully endorse this more of an Angelina moment, Natalie certainly contributes. She's the first one to make an attempt at Lyrsa's jacket, following Angelina's orders. But she sees through the bullsh*t. So when Natalie does get voted out, she doesn't give Angelina the time of day as she begs for the jacket . Even just ignoring Angelina, Natalie is still being a hilarious character . This is one of my longest writeups yet in this game and it's for a reason. Natalie may have only lasted five episodes, but she sure as hell made a name for herself. If there's another Second Chance or Heroes vs. Villains season, Natalie needs to be at the top of the producer's lists. She is television gold without ever crossing a line or being too #much. She just knows how to make good tv and in a really genuine way. She's not mean-spirited or a camera-whore. She's well-meaning, socially inept, and bossy. A perfect combination for being stranded on an island with minimal food while putting on a reality television show. Save Deena
  5. I've just been inspired to make a pick. Save Deena Cut Natalie
  6. I refuse to choose between two goddesses!!!!!!
  7. Save bisexual icon Li Shang! And enjoy Zootopia (and you're much deserved bottle glass of wine )
  8. I love Elliott’s noms . I want every nomset to be controversial since Social Network got robbed
  9. @Elliott Win Win was nominated last round. Reset, try again. @#jeah you will need to make a new cut when noms are reposted.
  10. Okay then I will save Victoria's team, thus eliminating Dee's group. So I guess @Deeee can save a team now.
  11. I'm still confused with the whole twist . So the team I save, the other team is eliminated. Does that mean the player is eliminated too and they can't save in the future?
  12. Chip and Dale Chip and Dale are brothers who are almost always seen together, Chip has the black nose while Dale has the red nose. They got their start in the Disney canon in 1943 in Private Pluto. Clearly they are really entrenched in the Disney lore. However, I don't really care about them as characters and I think they're two of the least interesting yet. They start off as enemies of both Pluto and Donald Duck, frequently getting into feuds with them. However, they become fan favorites and more of protagonists throughout the years. Personally I never really got into the Mickey Mouse movies or the generic Disney movies. Looking at their list of movies, I don't think I've seen anything with them. Obviously I'll have to give a Kingdom Hearts shoutout because they're responsible for the awful gummi ship bullsh*t I hate lol. So that justifies this cut! Save Anastasia and Drizella
  13. Cut Chip and Dale Save Anastasia and Drizella
  14. Happy Birthday (hopefully in sequester) to Keesha Smith
  15. I actually think this is one of the rare weeks where every single person killed it! Keenyah had the worst costuming, but I still think she delivered. 1. Christina 2. Brittany 3. Kahlen 4. Keenyah 5. Tiffany 6. Michelle
  17. Omg J'Tia my heart is breaking (Also she just locked Dash's vote UP with that answer)
  18. I'm glad Jamar got to play after everything that happened to him, but he didn't do jack sh*t. They BETTER give J'Tia that win!
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