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  1. That's okay, I still have more strikes to hand out @aliasocfan @Elliott @*Chris @Steven_
  2. About 5 more hours! So many strikes I'll get to hand out
  3. If you’re able to post your own decision and Dee is gonna do the writeup that is fine. You or Dee will still have to refresh within the half hour.
  4. I don’t actually care as long as JC doesn’t nom tonight
  5. Ugh I’m so relieved she’s physically okay. Mental health is so important and needs to be taken seriously. And while I know this isn’t that important, I noticed Kandi commented on her post sending her love, I love that so much
  6. Had a concert during the pandemic. Bunch of people, not a mask to be seen.
  7. Roz, Clopin, and Charlotte all frequent saves of mine I wish could've gone a lot further. Shame I only have one save . Had to go with my secret mastermind queen
  8. 1. Kahlen 2. Christina 3. Keenyah 4. Tiffany 5. Michelle 6. Brittany 7. Rebecca
  9. Save all six of them (I'm not bad about the noms though, they're all fair for this point in the game)
  10. Still waiting on........a whoooooooooole lot of you @Steven_ @*Chris @aliasocfan @Elliott @1234567890 @.Rei
  11. Also I feel like Janelle is most likely to say something problematic lowkey and that could be awful for her legacy we know how BB fans are
  12. Big T got moved to “very likely on” Queen is winning
  13. Y’all aren’t ready for my anti-Janelle hot takes (Tbf it’s not really anti-Janelle...I just don’t know if she has anything new to bring to the show I fear we’ve seen it all).
  14. How does everyone wanna do the draft? Do it after the premiere instead of pre-season or do it with the speculated cast? I don’t wanna jump the gun if the cast is wrong...
  15. Alright it's back on Twitter. See y'all Wednesday I guess
  16. The announcement is still on Insta (though I'm having trouble posting it here) https://www.instagram.com/p/CDR9yBVJEYk/
  17. I'm so pissed I'm going away next week . Am I really about to change my vacation plans so I'm able to watch at 9.............. No I'm still going away but I'm gonna try to be back at my shore house at 9 lol
  18. It's assumed that Eric from RealityRecaps currently has her account and he's been toying with the fanbase using her since sequester started. I'm not even speculating what it could be. All I know is, I feel like we'll at the very least have confirmation on Nicole at noon tomorrow. She either adamantly denies involvement with proof, we get a CBS announcement, or it's something about her podcast with Eric which likely still means she's on the season.
  19. Nicole A is teasing a "special announcement" tomorrow at noon. PRAYING it's a cast release. If it's something completely unrelated and it's confirmation she's not on the show, that could be interesting.
  20. Gus I also cut Jaq, so it's no secret that I don't particularly care for the mice in Cinderella. Gus is Jaq's fatter friend who also hangs out with Cinderella. Honestly, he should've become friends with Anastasia & Drizella, they're a lot more fun than Cinderella. Lol jk I just checked I did not cut Jaq. But I did nominate him! And I cut Lucifer so clearly the whole cat and mice storyline just didn't work for me. We meet Gus at the start of the movie, which is also when the characters meet him. They free him from the mouse trap and he aligns himself with Cinderella and the other mice. Because he's so far, Lucifer really wants to eat him! So chaos ensues as Lucifer targets Gus and Gus attempts to evade him. Gus is extremely brave despite his size and consistently stands up to Lucifer in order to defend Cinderella (and save his own life). An admirable character, but meh don't really care. Save Roz
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