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  1. No shade, but it’s difficult to use the La’Porsha is problematic argument when you literally had the chance to cut her over Jessica but you didn’t. Victoria and I voted to eliminate her there too.
  2. Did someone give Kree Harrison immunity why isn't she on the list? (No this isn't me confirming I'm cutting her, I'm still deciding my options)
  3. You should've cut her over Jessica if you thought it was so important to eliminate her
  4. So now do we cut? (Or save for Sola)
  5. Tatiana not in the bottom two for that crap?!
  6. You were also 1 of like 50 rankers. 2 of 7 rankers taking her is an easy loss.
  7. And Haley's never winning this rankdown lmao at that sentiments . As if she doesn't have two last place rankings locked up.
  8. I believe it's you save one round and cut the next round. The order doesn't matter as long as you do both.
  9. I posted before Chris so I'm good, right?
  10. I'm going away next week so I'm really hoping to get a cast before then. I'm already sad enough that I'm probably gonna miss the live move-in.
  11. No that was an old message that has since disappeared.
  12. 6 and a half hours remaining for @*Chris @NGM @totes4totes Insidious Pitch Perfect Star Wars: Episode VII - The Force Awakens Halloween Ready Player One Ready Or Not
  13. Have we discussed Emmy nominee Zendaya yet? In a category with legends like Sandra Oh, Laura Linney, and Olivia Colman WE HAVE TO STAN even if I didn't really care for Euphoria
  14. He may have not on the show, but he's said so on subsequent podcast appearances.
  15. Michael Ross Disclaimer: Check out Dee's bonus writeup on him as this was all planned before I read it. Obviously some of my feelings on him aren't exactly the same, but this is based on how I felt watching him on his one season of The Challenge. As I'm sure everyone here can tell, I'm a huge reality tv fan. Shocker, right?! At times it can be mindless entertainment and I find myself gravitating to the boisterous personalities and the bigger characters. Of course there used to be the intersting and complex sociological storylines, but in this day in age they are few and far between. Along with the big personalities though, every once in a while I find the "relatable" characters and gravitate towards them. Now, The Challenge isn't really that show where I can relate to the characters. I talked a bit about how I relate to Laurel (unhealthily) in my own personal thread. But most of these competitors are muscle-bound douchebags who if I had to spend a minute with any of them, I don't think I'd be able to have a full conversation. Along came Michael Ross though. And for the first time, I found myself on The Challenge maybe not so much anymore, but let's roll with it for the sake of the writeup lol Michael never belonged on The Challenge (nor do I lol). He came onto Rivals as a last second replacement for Adam Royer because he got himself dq'd the very first week and MTV would rather shut The Challenge down than let Leroy leave partnerless (despite the fact that they really love sending Sarah Rice home partnerless ). Michael was rather unathletic, average looking, intelligent, and socially awkward. A rarity on this show. The rest of the cast stared at him like he had two heads because he, like, could do long division. He was kinda that goofy guy that the popular guys ironically hung out with. Paula would ironically make out with him, and Bananas and Kenny would try to see how far they could push the socially awkward dorky kid until he snapped. I'm someone who also used to be (and I mean come on, still is at times) socially awkward and kind of let people pick on me just to feel like I could fit in. Luckily I'm a lot older, in a different place in my life, and have friends that truly love me so I'm not that same man. But it was just so wild seeing Michael on The Challenge and seeing him in situations that I felt like I've been in. Of course one day Bananas & Kenny take it too far and Michael snaps. He erupts on them like a bat outta hell. I loved seeing Michael stand up for himself. He was totally in the right and he totally put those guys in their place. They treated him like garbage for weeks and Michael had enough. It was such an exhilarating and exciting moment and I wish he had done it sooner. Any time Michael somehow snuck by another week either by someone sucking worse, Leroy beasting a challenge enough for the two of them, or Michael's intelligence actually helping them for a change, I felt immense pride for him. Despite only doing one season, Michael made a huge impression on me and became one of my favorite guys in Challenge history.
  16. I mean even TJ says it was a technicality and Laurel should've won
  17. Natalie "Ninja" Duran I honestly have no idea what to make of Natalie Ninja. She made it this far without getting nominated though and for some reason that didn't seem right lol, so I nominated her and she happened to get cut (as Colie randomly skated by to the next round lol). We were introduced to Ninja in War of the Worlds. She came from American Ninja Warrior and right off the bat she seemed like the strongest female prospect in the cast easily. She got paired up with Paulie so it was easy to root against her. I enjoyed her little bffmance with Dee early on, but overall she didn't make much of an impression. Her most infamous moment is when she got partnered up with Turbo for a challenge later in the season, but then lit into him like a crazy person when she thought he blew it for them (even though they ended up finishing in the top three lol). While I wasn't a fan of that moment, I thought fans overreacted a bit. Ninja was certainly showing her ass there, but a reality show contestant yelling at another reality show contestant is hardly something that disgusts me to my core. But I was still firmly #TeamTurbo. Ninja sailed through to the finals and ended up being the only girl to finish the final. She got fourth place and no money though which was a bit unfair. Like no sh*t Turbo, Theo, and Wes beat her. She comes back a season later as a reinforcement for War of the Worlds II. She ends up getting recruited for Team US with Turbo. She joins up with Paulie and Cara's insufferable cult, which of course made Ninja insufferable in the process. She ended up becoming a #flop in challenges which was such a weird storyline since she was propped up as a beast the previous season. I wasn't 100% buying the storyline, but also she was kind of sucking at the daily challenges. In a low moment of the show, Ninja beat Laurel in an early elimination on a technicality, thus letting the Cara Maria and Paulie steamroll commence and ruin the season. As the likable characters got killed off one by one, I did find myself ironically enjoying Ninja. She was sooooooo annoying and legit no one could stand her, and that made her lowkey funny to me. She ended up on the final Team US team in the finals and lost to Team UK (and I was overjoyed). Overall I don't have that burning hatred for her that a lot of people seem to have, but I also don't love her. Allegedly, she's a sure bet for S36 so we'll see how that goes.
  18. Definitely check out American Animals, I’d highly recommend it! Though Blake Jenner’s presence in the movie has soured my feelings (though he’s rather minor).
  19. I mean Nicole Franzel's better at casting than the TAR and BB casting producers if that had an ounce of truth lol.
  20. I just don't understand how it's a "reach" to say The Social Network is the best film of the decade when it's a rather popular opinion. The Social Network's an incredibly popular film no matter how you feel about it, it shouldn't be shocking that it has passion.
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