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  1. Gus I also cut Jaq, so it's no secret that I don't particularly care for the mice in Cinderella. Gus is Jaq's fatter friend who also hangs out with Cinderella. Honestly, he should've become friends with Anastasia & Drizella, they're a lot more fun than Cinderella. Lol jk I just checked I did not cut Jaq. But I did nominate him! And I cut Lucifer so clearly the whole cat and mice storyline just didn't work for me. We meet Gus at the start of the movie, which is also when the characters meet him. They free him from the mouse trap and he aligns himself with Cinderella and the other mice. Because he's so far, Lucifer really wants to eat him! So chaos ensues as Lucifer targets Gus and Gus attempts to evade him. Gus is extremely brave despite his size and consistently stands up to Lucifer in order to defend Cinderella (and save his own life). An admirable character, but meh don't really care. Save Roz
  2. Super busy at work. Will do soon.
  3. I'm very curious/nervous how the last six cuts will go
  4. I was rooting for 4th Man Out to continue surviving though. It was my new Leap Year and I loved the underdog story
  5. Lol I watched it with a large group of people and the straight people thought it was a really progressive movie and the gays were like "yeah......no"
  6. Tinker Bell vs. Anna . No idea where that will go!
  7. I'm okay with @1234567890 not doing a writeup, or I'm sure someone will do it for her, following whatever cut she wants of course! But it's your call Andrew.
  8. There's been a "tv guide leak" where the tv guide website posted 19 houseguests. People are kinda running with it, but assumedly some random intern just put all the rumored houseguests up there. It's pretty much ED's list (without Memphis) including Kaycee, Josh, Amber, and Danielle R. Family members and friends of the houseguests are getting sloppy. Tyler's mom posted about him being on the season on FB, Swaggy has been doing a TERRIBLE job pretending to be Bayleigh on her social medias, and Beau posted on IG about having a virtual watch party for Janelle on the premiere on Wed.
  9. No one's got any respects for the og's! Most of Borneo already gone (yet Sean and Ramona are still around) and I bet Jenna is gonna get cut this round. Smh @ the disrespect.
  10. Tigger Tbh I find Tigger kind of annoying oops. When I was a kid I'm sure I found him fun, but now I just need him to chill out a bit! Tigger is part of the Winnie the Pooh universe in the Hundred Acre Woods. He likes to bounce around everywhere and forms a friendship with Roo (who I believe I also cut or at least nominated) that is based almost entirely around bouncing. Tigger always want to play and have fun, and is frequently ignoring anyones requests to just relax or chill out for a second. Tbh, he's pretty selfish. From my various Winnie the Pooh writeups, I'm realizing I haven't seen very many Pooh movies. I think I've only seen him in the original, The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh. I also know the Kingdom Hearts games of course lol. So for those reasons, I never really personally connected with the franchise. So due to my lack of connection with the series, and the fact that I find Tigger can be a bit #much to watch at times, I will cut him here. Save Jasmine
  11. Gary Hogeboom I like Gary Hogeboom, aka Gary Hawkins: Landscaper! However, he is just a supporting character in Guatemala, which is one of the seasons I have the least connection to. So he's the easiest cut for me to make out of the remaining nominees. Gary is most known for adamantly denying that he was a professional football player despite the fact that Danni Boatwright knew literally everything about his football career . But that was his story and Gary was sticking with it! Gary was friends with the people I liked and generally couldn't stand the people I didn't like on Guatemala. I enjoyed his little friendships with Amy and Danni. He also #clock'd Stepheme multiple times and tried to turn people against her (how have I not nominated her yet ). As a player, his most powerful moment was when he found the first hidden immunity idol in Survivor history. Judd lied to everyone about the clue and said the clue was down low on the ground. However, he noticed Judd looking high in the trees, so Gary started looking high and was able to find it! Save Trish
  12. Skylar Laine There were a few different ways I almost went with this cut, but I ended up landing on Skylar. While I do like her, I just don't need to see her in the endgame personally. I was stuck between three contestants, and the other two have more memorable performances or moments to me. So despite being a country girl, I was shockingly into Skylar. Maybe it was just because I like S11 so much idk. But she was just so energetic and so fun. Despite only being 16 years old, Skylar had a crazy amount of stage presence. She came out of the gate really strong with her performance of "Stay With Me". It was a really fun performance that she sang really well. Other standout performances of hers for me are "Gunpowder and Lead", "Wind Beneath My Wings", and "The Show Must Go On". While I found Skylar's shtick to be really fun at first, I did think she became a bit predictable as the weeks went on. S11 is such an amazing season, and at a certain point she started to become outmatched. While I do think she should've beat Hollie, I would've liked to have seen Elise and probably Colton beat Skylar as I think they were more deserving. Nevertheless, this isn't an anti-Skylar cut, mainly just pro-everybody else left in the game.
  13. That means @totes4totes will have Insidious vs. Halloween
  14. Almost everyone sucked again. 1. Brittany 2. Tiffany 3. Michelle 4. Rebecca 5. Kahlen 6. Christina 7. Keenyah 8. Naima 9. Tatiana
  15. Lol I already edited it to aren’t in malice that’s what I meant to say. She’s still perpetuating a myth though that leads to young gay kids getting sent to conversion therapy and feeling unwelcomed and unloved being who they are. “I have gay friends/fans” doesn’t make you pro-gay if your actions and words are dangerous.
  16. I just don’t like using the problematic argument when it’s convenient for you, but ignoring it when it’s not. Just my opinion.
  17. Even if her opinions aren’t formed in malice, they are still 100% anti-gay.
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