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  1. I only asked to change because I only made the decision I made so I could do it within the deadline. When other decisions were made after the deadline, I only felt it was fair I got to change.
  2. Okay then I’m removing Michael & Cole from JC’s edge and Tommy from Andrelliott’s.
  3. Lol fair enough. Either way I think removing from other people’s edges is the pettier way to play I suppose. And I didn’t want to do that unless you did and didn’t want to miss the 1:00 deadline.
  4. Well i was waiting JC out to see if he was gonna be petty with his fire token but wanted to get it in before the 1 pm deadline. Can I change my fire token cuts?
  5. Me getting it in right before the randomizer
  6. I'll put Shirin on my edge. And then I'll use my fire token to take Kathy, Debb, and Lindsey off my edge.
  7. I didn't meltdown because I read Nico's decision backwards Lolz I just won't have a rooting interest in the top 400.
  8. He also really likes Bayleigh Dayton so I hope he realizes how poorly Kaycee treated her in The Challenge house!
  9. I think based on Wally's other saves, he cares more about how they are on The Challenge and not other shows or off the show.
  10. 1. Brittany 2. Keenyah 3. Michelle 4. Kahlen 5. Christina
  11. Queen Kaycee????? I don't even thinks Kaycee's biggest stan would call that piece of furniture from BB20 a queen. Kaycee beating Tyler on Big Brother is hardly praise for her Challenge performance. Which fair enough, you can discount Big Brother for my argument for Victor as well. The pros of Ashley Mitchell alone far outweigh any remote pros you can find for anyone on my mediocre Inferno group.
  12. He can boot the team with Ashley Mitchell, Big Brother fan favorite Victor, and Veronica Portillo's first partner Yes Duffy. Orrrrrrrr he can boot the team with two time super early boot Emilee, Gus (racist dude from Floribama Shore who also sucked his only season of The Challenge), and Kaycee (calling people "Karen's" for telling her to put on a mask, only did one season of The Challenge, got rightfully dragged by Bayleigh) So like I said...your choice @*Wallace
  13. As long as Wally understands the consequences of whatever decision he makes
  14. Sophie Sophie Hatter (what a last name) is the protagonist of Sophie's Moving Castle. Using context clues for the title of the film, one can presume that she has a castle that also moves. A concept! I will attempt to remain unspoiled so just like with my last Sophie's Moving Castle cut, y'all are more than welcome to give her a bonus writeup if you so choose. She and her family run a hat shop in town. I wonder if they changed their last name once they got the hat shop or if they got a hat shop because of their last name? What came first, the chicken or the egg? What if her name was Sophie Bomber? Would she have a bomb shop? That would be a movie I would be interested in watching! One day the Witch of the Waste curses her with a spell that turns her into an old lady! Oh no! Well she already had grey hair so at least she didn't have to dye it or anything. Sophie had to go to the Waste to reverse the curse. I wonder when she gets a moving castle. Is it a form of transportation? Can you imagine driving down the highway and suddenly you see a f*cking castle behind you?! Tragic! I like most of the characters nominated, I don't know Sophie, thus I'm cutting her here. Save Phoebus
  15. Depends on if Wally's about to screw Ashley Mitchell over or not
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