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  2. Jessica played So! Bad! Those three girls needed to team up.
  3. I can’t believe I’m watching a fight between Jessica Milagros and J’Tia Hart 2020 is wild
  4. J’Tia choosing who gets eliminated between Lance and Dallas with pick a number
  5. Omggggg Natalie RAILED into Aman dhskcijfnehwofouvndwa
  6. Trashelle about to get voted out imma sob.
  7. Sequester cast is all tv/youtube/reality stars: Jamar - BBCAN8 Maddy - BBCAN8 Hamza - BBCAN6 Shubham - The Circle Kelley - Survivor 29, 31, 38 J’Tia - Survivor 28 Kat - BB21 Jessica - BB21 Natalie - BB18/The Challenge Derrick - The Challenge Trishelle - The Challenge Nicole Maines - Actress from Supergirl Brendan Meyer - Actor from The OA Jaremi/Phi Phi - RuPaul’s Drag Race And random youtubers and stuff I don’t know lol
  8. This is gonna be Abi-Maria levels of messy if she means this Sequester
  9. Brice randomly tweeted about watching some STARS are coming out tonight PLZ
  10. There’s a “Sequester All-Stars” game tonight with a secret cast. Maddy from BBCAN8 randomly retweeted the announcement so many are assuming it might be reality stars. Will update y’all at cast reveal if it is and if anyone good is playing.
  11. KellyAnne vs. Aneesa in the club Guuuuuuuurl what does black skin mean?! I feel like it was meant in a "black don't crack" kinda way.......but that didn't sound good lmao.
  12. Wendy Diaz Ugh I really don't want to cut Wendy, but there's like no good options to cut here. Unfortunately just being a women makes you a target for certain people's nominations even if you're a legend. Wendy isn't a legend though, unlike some of the nominees. Wendy was on the 38th season, Edge of Extinction. Like most of America, I was really rooting for Wendy. She immediately found herself on the outs of the main alliance of the "cool kids" running the tribe and isolating Wendy & Reem. Wendy did nothing wrong, but she was isolated pretty much immediately. It was really sad to watch, especially since she was refreshingly honest and open with her tribe about her tourettes and OCD. Some of the castaways made fun of her behind her back though and it was really sad to watch. Wendy spent her days absolutely killing every challenge and desperately trying to get Kelley Wentworth destroyed (#TeamWendy over #TeamKelley easily here ). Episode after episode, Wendy continued to impress me. I thought she would be too #much, but that never happened. She just kept #dragging the awful people she was stuck with day after day and making their lives a living hell. Becoming a vegetarian queen just to spite her tribe . Hiding the flint . Despite all that, she managed to make it all the way to swap, outlasting eventual winner Chris Underwood . She swapped away from all her tribemates and I was thrilled for her to get a new start in the game . She got off to a rough start when she freed the chickens again though . She managed to beat Aubry, and I really thought Wendy would just cockroach her way through the season. Unfortunately, she hit the double tribal twist and everyone banded together to get rid of her because no one was about to risk their own game for Wendy lol. Wendy made an attempt at the returnee challenge and realized it would be impossible for her to return so she quit almost immediately after . Wendy is an amazing pre-merge character. She delivered in every single of screentime without being overbearing. She was righteous, funny, sweet, and rootable. She shouldn't be cut here, but it is what it is. Save Cirie
  13. Cory: F*ck these hoes Aneesa: F*ck you Cory! Cory: Wow Aneesa is so childish SIS??????
  14. https://ew.com/tv/big-brother-all-stars-premiere-covid-19-coronavirus/ Interview with Grodner. She mentioned people coming back for a "second, third, and fourth time". Boogie and Janelle are the only ones that could be 4-timers, and it's obviously not Boogie, so Janelle is pretty much confirmed (as if she hasn't been for a month).
  15. Just like @*Wallace digging up my month old posts in the DWTS 29 thread to reply to
  16. Nicole Anthony. Third place and AFP of last season.
  17. Nicole A's "announcement" was nothing so she's pretty much confirmed.
  18. I'm very confused are we nominating people we want safe or eliminated?
  19. Feel free to post it, idc. I was just moving things forward.
  20. Beatriz at Dinner Let's just make this easy and move along. Victoria wants this movie out, Dee will respect her wishes, let's cut out the waiting game. Beatriz at Dinner came out in 2017 and stars Salma Hayek as Beatriz, a masseuse who stays for dinner with a client and meets a bunch of racist, rich white people. It's written by Mike White of Survivor fame who is also behind flawless projects like School of Rock and Enlightened, but also has lows like The Emoji Movie. I saw Beatriz at Dinner when it came out. Hayek is the highlight of the film. She delivers a really confident and moving performance. John Lithgow and Connie Britton also give strong performances, though it isn't anything I haven't seen before. I think the movie is too restrained and the plot never really picks up. It touches on various interesting subjects, but never drives any issue fully home. It's a good movie, but not very daring. Save Damsels in Distress
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