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  1. I guess we know where Jake's celebration dinner is gonna be. :icecream: https://twitter.com/Hooters/status/1206753107046219777 https://twitter.com/Hooters/status/1207149681568108544 Tangentially on topic -- :whistling: https://twitter.com/Hooters/status/1207159871147257859
  2. iTunes still don't have Ricky's season collection album. Only Katie and Jake have their albums available on iTunes.
  3. Still no season collection album for Ricky
  4. Hootie and the Katfish reunited. :lol: https://twitter.com/KatHammock7/status/1207162422055731200
  5. I was glad to see Kat perform in a group tonight. She sounded great even though it was a country song (with Marybeth, Gracee and Cali). Kat seemed really happy for Jake on his win. This is such a sweet picture. <3 https://twitter.com/KatHammock7/status/1207162422055731200
  6. Is it the bloodbath every week format? T13 -> T8 -> T4?
  7. I hope there are indie girls or rocker guys in S18. :D
  8. Thanks! :lol: I was rooting for a different Top 2 since auditions (Ricky and Kat) but this Top 2 works too. :D
  9. From S3 to S17: 1. Danielle Bradbery 2. Cassadee Pope 3. Ricky Duran :whistling: 3. Sawyer Fredricks 4. Craig Wayne Boyd 5. Sundance Head 6. Tessanne Chin 7. Chris Blue 8. Jake Hoot 9. Chevel Shepherd 10. Jordan Smith 11. Alisan Porter 12. Chloe Kohanski 13. Maelyn Jarmon 14. Brynn Cartelli 15. Josh Kaufman
  10. Congrats, Jake. :sorcerer: BTW y'all can visit Jake's fan thread too :flowers: https://idolforums.com/index.php?showtopic=740826
  11. Katie dominated in views on all platforms, but the likes and like ratio are more predictive. Jake led in both FB likes and FB ratio. YT is completely wrong in all measures, ranking Katie in 1st place. It is possible that Katie's social media numbers may have been skewed by her number of followers (at least 2x the number of Jake's followers), as I mentioned a week or so ago. Or it could be skewed by the engagement of Chrissy's and John's followers, who views the videos but didn't bother to vote. Only Facebook Ratio got the results right. I guess next season, we need to watch that stat closely. :flowers:
  12. Congratulations on winning The Voice Season 17, Jake and #teamJake. :sorcerer:
  13. Yes! Happy that Ricky finished as runner-up, though I would have been ecstatic if he won. If not for the streaming bonus and cumulative votes, who knows, maybe he could have won. But those are the rules. Maybe next time, they would reset all votes to zero for the Finale and may the best contestant that night wins.
  14. So proud of Ricky for his runner-up finish! :sorcerer: Congratulations Ricky and #teamRickyD
  15. They need to cut the Finale to one hour. This is dragging too long.
  16. From what I gathered in discussions here last night, Ricky's cover was also not available for purchase for some time. iTunes fixed it midway through the show. But people were not able to buy the song after he performed it last night. I don't know how much sales he might have missed but he didn't get the usual performance bump for his cover.
  17. S17 FINALE COMBINED SCORES Based on 16 Metrics before 7 AM EST Tuesday (all on this thread) [iTUNES, Google Trends, IG, YT Views/Like/%/Ratio, FB Views/Like/Ratio, Twitter Views/RT+Likes, Coach Tweet, 2x MJ Poll, TVLine] Scores: 1st place = 1, 2nd place = 2, 3rd place = 3, 4th place = 4. Video stats are added for all videos per contestant, except for YT Like % which is averaged. All scores are added and divided by 16 to arrive at average placement or score below. Minimum possible average score is 1, maximum possible average score is 4. Katie - 1.75 [9x 1st place, 2x 2nd place] Jake - 2.25 [2x 1st place, 10x 2nd place] Ricky - 2.50 [5x 1st place, 1x 2nd place] Rose - 3.50 [3x 2nd place] FIRST PLACE SCORES: Katie - Google, YT x4, IG, Twitter Views, FB Views, TVLine Jake - FB Likes, FB Ratio Ricky - iTunes, Twitter RT+Likes, Coach Tweet RT+Likes, MJ x2
  18. 1. Ricky Original 3. Jake/Kelly Duet 4. Katie Original 5. Jake Original 6. Jake Cover 7. Katie Cover 8. Jake T8 11. Rose Original 12. Katie/John Duet 13. Ricky/Blake Duet 19. Ricky T8 28. Ricky Cover 31. Katie T11 36. Jake T10 41. Jake T13 44. Rose Cover 45. Katie T8 50. Katie T13 53. Rose T8 54. Jake T11 71. Katie T10 78. Ricky T13 87. Rose/Gwen Duet 101. Rose T10 144. Ricky T11 166. Ricky T10
  19. YOUTUBE STATS - 3 hours after West Coast broadcast VIEWS (All 3 videos) Katie - 150846 Jake - 99498 Ricky - 91238 Rose - 84899 LIKES (All 3 videos) Katie - 6813 Jake - 4215 Rose - 3500 Ricky - 3488 LIKE % (Average of 3 videos) Katie - 95.69 Rose - 95.11 Ricky - 95.07 Jake - 95.02 VIEWS/LIKE RATIO Katie - 22.14 Jake - 23.60 Rose - 24.26 Ricky - 26.16
  20. INSTAGRAM AND TWITTER - 2.5 hours after West Coast broadcast ------ IG VIEWS (ALL FINALE VIDEOS) Katie - 113.7K Jake - 104.8K Ricky - 87.3K Rose - 71.2K TWITTER VIEWS (ALL FINALE VIDEOS) Katie - 99.2K Rose - 58.7K Jake - 55.6K Ricky - 51.3K TWITTER RT+LIKES (ALL FINALE VIDEOS) Ricky - 4388 Jake - 4380 Katie - 4074 Rose - 2800 COACH TWEET RT+LIKES Ricky (Blake) - 3428 Jake (Kelly) - 1259 Katie (John) - 1202 Rose (Gwen) - 722
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