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  1. #teamDanielle, we have several Danielle interviews from the recent CMAs :flowers: Access Hollywood XSEphwe5zf0 Morning Toast (thanks BradberyFans) Mh7b79njJww 97.1 Hank FM Interview TzAyF4rh81g Y100 Interview EdJVJDbvgaU
  2. For me, I love Kat's tone and I don't care if there are similar singers like her in previous seasons or if she's not the best technical singer this season. I can listen to Kat sing all day; her voice is very comforting to me. Not put to sleep comforting, but if I'm having a tough day, Kat's singing voice calms me down and puts me in a pleasant, peaceful place. There are only a few singers I can listen to all day - Danielle Bradbery, Alison Krauss, Kari Jobe, Basia, Sade, and Kat Hammock.
  3. It started here and istersay will probably move them over. But originally, this isn't just a spoilers thread. It used to have news/events/updates for the season and the discussion about this event kinda qualifies as "news" during this season, though it veered off when talking about past contestants. https://idolforums.com/index.php?showtopic=740896
  4. Reagan is in Nashville today at The Voice event in Blake's Ol' Red place, and hopefully soon working on her 1st album. :sorcerer: https://www.facebook.com/imReaganStrange/ph...83633291816388/ https://twitter.com/imreaganstrange/status/...115639486242816 https://twitter.com/imreaganstrange/status/...826578766766080
  5. He would give her better songs to sing that fits her voice and abilities, and the Adam disaster wouldn't have happened. Reagan would probably gain more confidence too.
  6. Reagan Strange Fan Thread Instagram | Facebook | Twitter | Spotify | YouTube | YT Music Original Song: "Tell Me I Can't" Available on: Amazon Music | iTunes | Spotify | YouTube Music Release Date: 03/29/19 Recent Release: "O Holy Night" Available Now: Stream/Buy Release Date: 11/22/19 UPCOMING EVENTS: Recent Release: "Warrior" Available Now: Stream/Buy Release Date: 04/19/19 Recent Covers NBC The Voice Bio Fans: 1. season1 2. abouttoexplode [RIP] 3. thevoicefan45 4. kclarkson1323 5. Redenator 6. thevoicefan 7. FlowerEagle 8. jamescasaki 9. dmd152 10. Cookie73 11. Rat! 12. mercfan3 13. x3 because of u 14. thevoice47 15. Lovinthevoice 16. KismetKobra 17. TeamAudra 18. CGlaserFan 19. xGMANx 20. jayrehl 21. pepperman 22. Starman1 23. Backtothestar 24. Iceyblue52 25. lindsey-grey 26. Rockym 27. caroline0426 28. Niki 29. Angeles 30. sarkis 31. QueenCami ---------- This is the 2nd Reagan Strange Fan Thread created on 11/14/19. The original fan thread (created on 10/2/18) has become inaccessible due to server issues. Here's the last known stats of the original fan thread:
  7. Or when one team needs a contender like Adam letting go of Sasha Allen so Shakira can "steal" her in Season 4.
  8. Reagan with Blake and Rascal Flatts member Jay DeMarcus (I think) at the Nashville event :flowers: https://www.facebook.com/imReaganStrange/ph...83633291816388/
  9. Sundance is there too. https://twitter.com/SundanceHead/status/1195086044330438657
  10. Maybe it's "The Voice" event (not just a Team Blake event), and they invited the semi-finalists from the past couple of seasons. Whoever are in or near Nashville get to attend.
  11. Danielle at the CMA Awards red carpet last night (11/13/19) https://www.instagram.com/p/B41SxAEA3Hw/
  12. Reagan Strange is there too even though she's not Team Blake. :flowers: She called it "Voice alum event", https://twitter.com/imreaganstrange/status/...826578766766080
  13. Marybeth posted this "back to back" pictures of my favorite girls https://www.instagram.com/p/B43Cpp8Dm5k/
  14. I hope Kat has a really good song for Monday. :sorcerer: She seems enthusiastic about it. https://www.instagram.com/p/B423Vprjp4_/
  15. :roll: I actually like many Team Blake contestants this season but it is unusual to have no country artist on Team Blake post playoffs. I try to think of any other season when Team Blake was "country-less" and I think it was Season 3 (Cassadee was pop-punk-rock but she sang a couple of country songs during the season). That was the only season that winner and runner-up are Team Blake.
  16. :flowers: https://www.mjsbigblog.com/the-voice-17-liv...n-the-polls.htm
  17. --- Lemme guess, you think that was my ranking (the guesses to xfactor puzzle). FWIW, my real ranking is Top 2 Team Blake: 1. Kat 2. Ricky 3. Marybeth https://idolforums.com/index.php?s=&sho...&p=28217597
  18. yay :sorcerer: I like solving puzzles.
  19. 3rd best Team Blake so yeah, Blake's only.
  20. My unpopular opinion: S17 Team Blake is the 3rd best ever, after S4 and S3.
  21. MY GUESSES: 1. Will Breman 2. Kat Hammock 3. Rose Short 4. Katie Kadan 5. Jake Hoot 6. Joana Martinez 7. Myracle Holloway 8. Max Boyle 9. Hello Sunday 10. Ricky Duran 11. Cali Wilson 12. Marybeth Byrd 13. Shane Q
  22. Yeah but the coach name changed. It used to be Adam.
  23. This is the Jake we didn't see on the show. If he performed songs like this, he probably would still be on the show. zPlQeLw5xck
  24. Funny interview with Lunchbox of The Bobby Bones Show Lunchbox Thought Danielle Bradbery Was In Charlie's Angels Movie, Not Just Her Song sebsHqAcGv8
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