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  1. Maybe somebody didn’t like Blake’s stanning :ph34r:
  2. I only started watching in Season 3, and I didn't hear Blake say that to anyone until Danielle. And a couple weeks ago, Blake talked about Danielle and her season. <3
  3. Blake also said that about Danielle Bradbery (season 4 winner) after her Playoffs performance. To quote Blake, "Danielle is one of the most important artists who's ever been on The Voice." [ ]
  4. Maybe he does not want a male country singer this season since he had several male country singers last season. He had a couple of decent country singers pre-lives but he eliminated them one by one before the playoffs. Besides, didn't he think Kelly blocked him on Jake that's why he didn't turn?
  5. Ricky with beard looks a bit like Thomas Rhett
  6. Reagan sang the National Anthem before the Broncos game yesterday (12/1/19). I hope they post the video later. https://twitter.com/imreaganstrange/status/...331516246085633
  7. Here's another great Team Blake Top 2 picture. :flowers: Ricky sounded great on the studio. I noticed that his song is listed under "Blues". I hope he tops the Blues iTunes chart tonight. :sorcerer:
  8. Jake's song for tonight is another good one. I bet he'll have the streaming bonus again. :sorcerer:
  9. Marybeth sounded great on her studio again. Just a bit surprised with the song choice. I was hoping she gets another country song like "Burning House" though.
  10. I guess that's the silver lining. Though Adam did not mean to bus Reagan with a Faith Hill song, it's just Adam being Adam. I hope Kat will advance to the Top 8. But that song did not do her any favors and may have weakened her chances. --- Thanks! I feel a bit better now. :flowers: This is the first time I worry about a favorite's song since S15 Top 10.
  11. I dunno what Blake's game is but I think we need to vote extra hard for Kat tonight :ph34r: She sounded good on the studio again but it's not a song I would think Kat would be singing. Anyway, at least Kat looked great on this Team Blake picture. :flowers: And she seems to be in a Christmas mood now. https://twitter.com/KatHammock7/status/1200593337377443840
  12. I don't think Kat had any say on this song choice. She posted what seems like a goodbye post on IG a couple of days ago https://www.instagram.com/p/B5arpWoDsi7/ Shania songs on The Voice are kiss of death songs. I don't remember anyone advancing after singing one of her songs. :ph34r:
  13. Open: Ricky Duran Close: Hello Sunday Most Streamed: Jake Hoot
  14. Added. :flowers: Glad that you joined #teamRickyD.
  15. Since Ricky closed the show last week, he'll probably perform early tonight. I hope he has a great song. :sorcerer:
  16. Merry Christmas y'all! Still waiting for a Christmas album from Danielle. In the meantime, here's an early Christmas treat from Danielle, 6 years ago. w4MN01tIT8M
  17. Tomorrow is the server migration day :shiver: Just in case we won't have a chance to greet each other a Merry Christmas later :ph34r: Merry Christmas everyone!!! :santa:
  18. REVISED TOP 10 (Top 8 and beyond are the same) TOP 10 Bottom 3: Joana, Will, Shane Saved: Will TOP 8 Bottom 2: Will, Hello Sunday Middle 3: Jake, Katie, Rose Saved: Jake Top 3: Kat, Ricky, Marybeth FINALE 4th Place: Jake 3rd Place: Marybeth Runner-up: Ricky Winner: Kat
  19. 1. Kat Hammock 1. Ricky Duran 3. Marybeth Byrd 4. Rose Short 5. Jake Hoot 6. Hello Sunday 7. Will Breman 8. Joana Martinez 9. Katie Kadan 10. Shane Q
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