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  1. 1. Kat 2. Ricky 3. Joana 4. Max 5. Will 6. Katie 7. Myracle
  2. Who’s performing in the 1st hour pimp spot - Kat or Katie?
  3. We only have 5 guys and three of them perform in the first 40 minutes of the show.
  4. Ricky is solid as always and the song fits his voice. <3
  5. They probably have different IS songs per week and rehearsed them along with their regular songs that week.
  6. Reagan Strange (S15 T8) IS song for Top 10 week would have been "Warrior" by Demi Lovato. We all know what happened that week. She eventually recorded a cover of Warrior after the season is over.
  7. I love Ricky's studio. Looking forward to his performance tonight. :sorcerer:
  8. I love Marybeth's song for tonight and her studio is great. Could be a moment for her tonight. :sorcerer:
  9. Kat sounded really good on the studio. <3 I hope she gets a good performance slot, and kills her performance tonight. :sorcerer:
  10. You forgot Hootie and the Katfish So I voted for MaryKat because they're my favorite contestants. #bestiesgoals :icecream:
  11. They should have just cut down to one season a year -- ditch the spring season (Idol is on already), keep the fall season.
  12. There were server problems last week that caused threads to be wiped out if new comments are posted and it only affected existing threads. So the moderators locked the fan threads (and other threads) to preserve their views and counts until the site can hopefully recover data and history. We created new threads for current discussions and hopefully the old and new could be merged when they finally fix whatever server problems we're having. More discussion here: https://idolforums.com/index.php?showtopic=740763 RE Ricky's performance, one of the best for me. I hope he gets a much better song in the Top 13, and a good performance slot. :sorcerer:
  13. Reagan will be releasing a Christmas song on 11/22/19 (next Friday) :w00t: https://twitter.com/imreaganstrange/status/...708242237755393 Also, she had a photoshoot today. :flowers:
  14. I love Warrior too. I wish she was able to sing that on the show, instead of Cry or Complicated. PS: Thanks. :flowers: Glad to see you back :) ----- I can add you to her fan list if you like. :)
  15. I love this exchange on Twitter by Ricky and Kyndal. I hope they duet in the near future. I bet they would sound great together. :sorcerer: https://twitter.com/IamRickyDuran/status/1195551459703525376 https://twitter.com/kyndalinskeep/status/1195553137278373888
  16. Who wants a Ricky-Kyndal duet? (I hope this happens) https://twitter.com/IamRickyDuran/status/1195551459703525376 https://twitter.com/kyndalinskeep/status/1195553137278373888
  17. That's for Danielle to decide. Not my place to tell her what to do or what to say, regardless of how I feel about the situation. I would like to drop this topic because this is Danielle's FAN thread and we're here to support Danielle and her music. :flowers:
  18. Recent performances by Reagan :flowers: Reagan Strange National Anthem Memphis Tigers Basketball (11/5/19) druxQk0VTog Reagan Strange - Ex's & Oh's - 2019 Delta Fair - Memphis TN (8/31/19) qfzISphvs4M
  19. Taylor can fight her own battle and Danielle can decide on her own what's best for her and her future. What I don't like are Taylor fans getting on Danielle's social media posts and borderline harassing her because she hasn't said anything about this issue. Some of them are even wishing for Danielle to fail in her career.
  20. Thanks. :flowers: Could you imagine if everybody likes the same style and sound of music? This world would be a monotonous place to live in. Somewhere in the Twilight Zone Anyway, I wish they would give us hints on songs (they used to give clues in previous seasons). Also, we'll have Apple Music streams next week (and Xfinity voting).
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