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  1. Tuesday actually went up vs Monday?!
  2. https://twitter.com/IamRickyDuran/status/1197020181043658752
  3. Maybe we should look at GoldDerby too - their odds predicted Cali and Joana in the bottom. https://www.goldderby.com/odds/combined-odd...oice-17-top-13/
  4. https://twitter.com/marybeth_music/status/1...967140584124416
  5. Added. :sorcerer: FWIW, Kat has the 2nd most number of fans this season (after Marybeth). But it seems she's having more detractors now too. I guess she's being seen as a threat to others' favorites now. --- Added. :flowers: This thread has more posts now than Danielle's 2.0 thread. It's really sad not to be able to read the posts during Danielle's season.
  6. I guess I should have expanded the summary to denote safe-maybe-in danger. I meant to do that this week but I didn't have time before the show so I just went with the quick B3 summary.
  7. Good to see you again. :flowers: We had a server problem a couple of weeks ago. Danielle's thread with 1600+ pages has no comments showing, same with all the existing threads at that time. The active threads were locked to prevent wiping out their stats. I had to recreate many fan threads (Danielle's and this season's favorites). Anyway, I'm glad that you like Kat. Would you like me to add your name to the fan list on the OP? :flowers:
  8. Success is the best counter to naysayers. :flowers: So I would ignore their opinion and just support Kat and hope Kat proves them wrong and makes the Finale.
  9. Social media bombed this week. FB Likes got 2 out of 3 - Max and Joana, and YT Likes got 2 out of 3 - Joana and Cali. Cali was also correctly predicted in B3 on FB ratio. Other platforms only correctly predicted Joana in B3.
  10. So happy that Ricky is safe and advancing to the Top 11. :w00t: Thanks for the votes, #teamRicky :flowers: We have to do it again next week. Congratulations, Ricky! :sorcerer:
  11. :w00t: Congratulations, Kat and #teamKat! Welcome to the top 11. :sorcerer: So glad that she's the first one called on Team Blake.
  12. Team Blake loses a contestant in Top 12/13 does not happen often. They should all still be safe it Blake picked Gracee last week. BTW, there is no discernible order to these performances -- not name, not coach name nor coach chair. Could they be singing based on votes?
  13. ^ That's a nice article about Marybeth. Thanks for posting. :flowers: So glad that Marybeth was called safe first. Congratulations. MB and #teamMarybeth! :sorcerer:
  14. Yay my top 3 faves are safe :D Surprised by Myracle being safe. Maybe Will or Cali could be joining Shane and Joana in B3.
  15. HS had very strong social media numbers. I’m not surprised they’re safe. Also it’s not in order, so calling them early is not surprising either.
  16. Yup. Two weeks in a row that Kat topped the MJs blog poll. https://www.mjsbigblog.com/the-voice-17-liv...n-the-polls.htm
  17. I don't think they are fans of teen singers whether indie or country or pop. They also do not like many Team Blake contestants. And since Blake called Kat an important artist, they became more critical. I wouldn't worry much about the vocal blog commenters and critics, especially on MJs. Kat has a silent fan base who vote but keep quiet. :sorcerer:
  18. TOP 13 SUMMARY If the social media indicators are predictive, Shane and Joana are in the bottom 3 (10/11 metrics) and the 3rd person could be Myracle (6/11 metrics). Other names that are in bottom 3 based on one of more metrics are: Cali (FB ratio, YT Likes) Rose (FB views) Max (FB likes) Kat (FB ratio) Jake (Twitter) Will (YT Score) BOTTOM 3 PREDICTIONS ON SOCIAL MEDIA 1. FB VIEWS Shane Rose Joana 2. FB LIKES Max Shane Joana 3. FB RATIO Kat Myracle Cali 4. GOOGLE TRENDS Myracle Joana Shane 5. YT LIKES Cali Shane Joana 6. TWITTER RT+LIKES Jake Joana Shane 7. IG VIEWS Myracle Joana Shane 8. YT SCORE Will Joana Shane 9. MJ BLOG POLL Joana Myracle Shane 10. TV LINE POLL Joana Myracle Shane 11. ITUNES (7 am) Shane Myracle Joana
  19. INSTAGRAM VIEWS Marybeth - 54.5K Katie - 52.1K Kat - 34K Max - 32.9K Hello Sunday - 27.2K Ricky - 23.5K Will - 23.2K Cali - 22.1K Rose - 18.5K Jake - 17.7K Myracle - 16.5K Joana - 15.1K Shane - 13.8K
  20. YT LIKES Katie - 2457 Hello Sunday - 1626 Will - 1415 Max - 1404 Rose - 1294 Kat - 1084 Myracle - 1020 Marybeth - 994 Ricky - 737* Jake - 663 Cali - 654 Shane - 518 Joana - 429* * Ricky's and Joana's YT videos were posted hours after the end of the show. TWITTER RT+LIKES Katie - 1043 Kat - 573 Marybeth - 546 Max - 521 Cali - 515 Hello Sunday - 449 Will - 435 Rose - 426 Myracle - 395 Ricky - 364* Jake - 295 Joana - 247* Shane - 230 *Ricky's and Joana's Twitter videos were posted very late, towards the end of the show, but they performed in the first 15 minutes.
  21. What are the chances that the bottom 3 would be all Team Kelly? Shane Hello Sunday Max I think that's just fitting -- with Max getting the save.
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