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Who Won The Battle Part 5: S25 Edition


Who Won The Battle Part 5: S25 Edition  

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  1. 1. Gene Taylor vs Ronnie Wilson - When I Was Your Man

    • Gene Taylor
    • Ronnie Wilson
  2. 2. Mafe vs Rivers Grayson - You've Got A Friend

    • Mafe
    • Rivers Grayson
  3. 3. Val. T Webb vs Rletto - Saving All My Love For You

    • Val. T Webb
    • Rletto

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1. Easily Gene by a lot. He slayed that battle and I loved his vocals. Perfect song choice for him but wrong song for Ronnie. Ronnie did improve a bit and did great for a song out of his comfort zone. 


2. Mafe. Rivers has a beautiful tone but is too limited. Mafe's tone is really gorgeous, soft, and powerful at the same time. She could make the finale if she keeps singing like that.


3. Val by a really large margin. RLetto was good but had pitchy moments while Val was pitch perfect throughout and slayed. I loved this song choice for her too. She belongs in the finale and deserves to win the show. 

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3 very easy decisions

1. Gene, but Ronnie did deliver as well.

2. What a mismatch of a pairing. Rivers was fine, but it didn't mesh well with Mafe's power. Mafe took over this performance easily.

3. Val for sure. RLETTO was fine and did improve. Maybe he was worth a steal, but choosing him over Val is a real headscratcher. Val easily won that.

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