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Feb 8th Dacotah Bank Center ~ Brookings ~ SD


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I could be wrong, but this is what I think Scotty's comment refers to...........


If you enlarge the picture, you can see CIAS is playing on the radio (it's a little blurry) and the driver has no clue that his passenger is the artist who sings that song!!

If the driver only knew!! 😀

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I did enlarge it to post it, but listening with my ear buds all I hear is the engine...🤔


I thought he had up directions on his screen at the front and he was not sure where to take his 'passenger' 


Good lord he might kick himself if he had a clue who he was carrying ..🤣

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It seems like the driver didn't know. The video was also posted on Tik Tok & one of the comments is from the driver. Here's the comment & Scotty respnded.


Had no idea until I looked at who made this video


Scotty McCreery · Creator

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    What a night! Scotty McCreery's performance was simply unforgettable tonight! 🎶

    With the incredible special guests Anne Wilson and Greylan James joining him, it was an epic evening of music and memories.

    Huge thanks to these fantastic musical talents, the amazing fans, and everyone behind the scenes who made this night one for the books! 👏👏





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