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Predictions: Which coach will win season 25?


Which coach will win next season?   

19 members have voted

  1. 1. Who will be our season 25 winning coach?

    • John Legend
    • Chance the Rapper
    • Dan + Shay
    • Reba McEntire

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Chance won't win if he stays consistent in his coaching lmao.


Dan/Shay is the unknown part, but if based on their mentoring, then absolute RIP to them as well.


John will be John.


Reba seems to have this season on lockdown, but of course it depends on the contestants, she'll need a frontrunner who can sing live at the very least. Will she go with country again, or try to get some Pop and/or R&B-Soul on her side?

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Reba will most likely win this season hands down especially if she gets a male country dude with a beard, married, has children, sings solidly with Minivan on his side, or a teenage female country singer. John is never going to win unless he gets a Maelyn type of artists that will sing similar songs and gets tons of pimping throughout like she did, or if John has a teen girl like Kaylee as long as he doesn't drop them which he most likely will. If he drops frontrunners that are really popular with voters, then he ain't winning. He has zero chances of winning with African American females or males even if they are good, but those types are fifth placers or fourth placers. Or he would need a Katie Kadan in order to have someone in third place. I don't think Chance will win at all unless one of his team members is massively pimped by TPTB, but I don't think they care that much. It's probably between Reba and D/an/Shay but we have no clue how they will do so I can't judge until I see how they do and if they are the coaches that the producers want to push for. 

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Without knowing any contestants, Reba is the safest bet. She came so close to winning this season. She's an incredible coach. I mean, she managed to take two contestants in the finale in her first season, something that even Kelly didn't achieve. (She was able to take 2 people in the finale in her 8th season)

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