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Finale Gender Ratio Predictions


How many males & females will make it to next week's finale?  

21 members have voted

  1. 1. How many males & females will make it to next week's finale based on last night's performances?

    • 3 male, 2 female
    • 2 male, 3 female
    • 1 male, 4 female
    • All women finale

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Yeah, based on tonight I only see Huntley getting a PV.

The rest of the ladies will get the other three.


BIAS and Mac were pretty weak, I'd give Mac a small chance at the PV but it's very tiny(and that's assuming his block of voters are enough to push him through)


Then assuming Mara or Jacquie compete in the IS, then I think they are the most likely to win it.


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