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Mara Justine VS Gina Miles


I have a feeling Niall is head over heels with Mara because she reminds him of Gina. Do you have that same feeling?  

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  1. 1. Do you think Mara reminds Niall of Gina

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    • Not really

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Mara is much more situated in pop-rock, whereas Gina is pretty pure pop (or I guess indie-pop, singer-songwriter). Also, I think one of the "defining" characteristics of Gina's personality on the show is that she was soft-spoken / nervous / shy (whether or not these are actually big parts of her personality... who knows), whereas Mara definitely strikes me as having a well-placed confidence that shows up in her strong stage presence.


Hard to say what Niall thinks. As artists, they're definitely different, but it's possible that Niall views both of them as talented pop singers who he wants to "take under his wing."

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