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Connections Puzzle (The Voice Themed)


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So if anyone else plays "Connections" daily... I got bored and made one for The Voice. This one's specific to only contestants that made the finale.

Would love feedback and curious about making more if there's any interest.



If you don't know how to play, it's basically a longer, more complicated version of the "What do these 4 contestants have in common?" thread.

But here are the rules: (copy + pasted):


The rules of the Connections word game:

  1. You are given a grid of 16 words.
  2. Your goal is to find four groups of four words that share a common theme.
  3. To select a group of words, click or tap on them one by one.
  4. Once you have selected a group of four words, click or tap the “submit” button.
  5. If your answer is correct, the four words will disappear and you will be presented with a new group of words to solve.
  6. If your answer is incorrect, you will lose one life. (Not applicable to the version I used)
  7. You have a total of four lives. If you lose all of your lives, the game will end. (Not applicable to the version I used)
  8. The goal of the game is to solve as many groups of words as possible before running out of lives.




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